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Jython Pages

The definitive documentation for Jython can be found on the official Jython site.

Jython Ideas

Porting Zope

At PyCon, there was some talk of porting Zope, or at least the ZODB, to Jython. Zope Corp. seems interested in this, but they need Jython 2.2.

Jython with Eclipse

Is it possible to script Eclipse with Jython? If so, could we write a little tutorial?

EclipsePythonIntegration gives lots of help.

Jython Success Stories

We need some. If you know of any large commercial or non-commercial project that has used Jython with success (ideally shipping Jython code as all or part of a product), please add a note to JythonSuccessStories. Someone will try to track down more information and interview those involved.

Jython Problems

About this Page

We discussed creating this page during a Jython BOF at PyCon 2003.


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