These are topics which people are interested in having presented (or which people can present) at the BangPypers meetings ie. It's a mix of expertise and desire.

Feel free to add topics (with a little description). If you like a topic, vote for it with a +1 by it's side inside ().

If there are people who can present any of these topics, add your name there inside [] so that we can set something up in the next meeting.

  1. Python Virtual Machine - Some insights into the working and implementation of the PVM. (+2)
  2. PyPy - The python on python project. There are some fascinating topics in the google video on this topic (+1)

  3. PyGame - The SDL wrapper for Python used to make games [NoufalIbrahim]

  4. Python in embedded scenarios - I don't know enough of these to actually see how python can be useful here (+2)
  5. Introductory tutorials - Might be useful for python initiates (final year college students etc.).
  6. Parallel Programming in Python (Multi-threading, multi-processing, GIL, stackless) (+1)
  7. Scientific Computing in Python (Scipy, Numpy, Sage)
  8. Web frameworks (Django, webpy, zope, turbogears)(+2)
  9. Asynchronous Programming using Twisted +1
  10. Environment setup hacks - Nice tricks used in development environments to make python development more fun (IDEs, scripts etc.) [AmitSaha] +1

  11. Python GUI frameworks for native desktop and web based applications (WxPython, Tk [also TTk], GTK [On Windows and Linux], PyJamasDesktop, Titanium, WebKit Desktop etc) (+3)

  12. Puzzle generation and typesetting (+1)

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