Meeting on 11-August-2007



  1. Baiju M, mbaiju AT , Phone: +91 9945973441
  2. Jayesh V, <jayesh.mail AT gmail DOT com>

  3. Pradeep Gowda, pradeep.gowda AT, (tentative)
  4. Anand Chitipothu, anandology AT
  5. Subramani R, subramani95 AT
  6. Karabi B, karabi.b AT, (probable)
  7. Brad Allen, ballen AT zeomega DOT com (may need a ride)
  8. Senthil OR orsenthil AT gmail DOT com
  9. Roshan Mathews,

  10. Ashok Ravi, ashok.raavi AT
  11. Vijay Kumar Bang vnbang2003 at
  12. Nagesh S nagu.s.hindu at
  13. Ranganath.S Ranganaths at
  14. Satheesh Kumar M, sathyz AT gmail DOT com
  15. Nagarajan N,

  16. Abhishek Tiwari, tabhishek AT zeomega dot com
  17. Abdul Kader Maliyakkal akader AT zeomega dot com
  18. S.Krishnakumar, (tentative)

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