15:26:42 on < baijum1> Khmar: You are logging this channel ?
15:27:01 on < Khmar> Yes. Just enabled it.
15:27:07 on < techno_freak> baijum, am blogging the MoM :P
15:27:21 on < baijum1> techno_freak: Good :)
15:27:33 on < fever> crocin works?
15:27:42 on  * baijum1 going for food, will be back soon
15:28:05 on -!- mib_sliah4 [i=3b5ca096@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-57738c5863db8472] has quit [Client Quit]
15:28:11 on < fever> I would believe if someone tells me windows works, but crocin,.. :D
15:28:11 on -!- baijum [n=baijum@] has quit [Connection timed out]
15:28:18 on -!- Khmar-mibbit [i=7aa72f69@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f41d5335058b233d] has joined #BangPypers
15:28:41 on -!- Khmar-mibbit [i=7aa72f69@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f41d5335058b233d] has quit [Client Quit]
15:29:27 on -!- AssaultedPeanut [n=chatzill@] has joined #bangpypers
15:31:04 on -!- anandbpillai [i=7d108523@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f62a9d56a9f8ea8c] has joined #BangPypers
15:31:19 on < anandbpillai> hi pypers
15:31:52 on < techno_freak> hi anandbpillai
15:32:28 on -!- Khmar [n=user@] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
15:32:32 on -!- falcon74 [i=7bed8aea@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-999bc88356ead6f7] has joined #BangPypers
15:32:41 on < anandbpillai> are we like waiting for a quorum or for 9.00 pm ? :)
15:32:50 on < AssaultedPeanut> Hi Pythoneers
15:33:09 on < techno_freak> looks like we can start, or we wait baijum1 to have his dinner and return
15:33:18 on < techno_freak> for*
15:33:22 on -!- Khmar [n=user@] has joined #BangPypers
15:33:29 on < anandbpillai> sure, let us wait for him
15:33:36 on < Khmar> Hello anandbpillai
15:33:39 on < anandbpillai> who is the moderator ? i guess we need one
15:34:06 on -!- mode/#bangpypers [+o techno_freak] by ChanServ
15:34:08 on -!- mode/#bangpypers [+o anandbpillai] by techno_freak
15:34:16 on -!- mode/#bangpypers [-o techno_freak] by techno_freak
15:34:34 on < Khmar> I could do it but I won't be around at 9:00.
15:34:41 on -!- techno_freak changed the topic of #bangpypers to: Welcome to #BangPypers -- Bangalore Python Users Group | http://wiki.python.org/moin/BangPypers | Proposal 
          for PyCon India - http://wiki.python.org/moin/ProposalForPyConIndia |  IRC Discussion for PyCon March 3rd 9:00 PM IST | Topic: Soon to start |
15:34:45 on <@anandbpillai> ok
15:35:18 on <@anandbpillai> i have logged in using the mibbit interface, i hope someone can stay long and collect the log of the meeting and post it
15:36:14 on < techno_freak> am here until BESCOM decides otherwise, I will make a processed MoM, if required someone can post the logs too
15:36:35 on <@anandbpillai> Can we have an introduction ? I can make out some obvious members, but not all :)
15:37:11 on -!- techno_freak changed the topic of #bangpypers to: Welcome to #BangPypers -- Bangalore Python Users Group | http://wiki.python.org/moin/BangPypers | Proposal 
          for PyCon India - http://wiki.python.org/moin/ProposalForPyConIndia |  IRC Discussion for PyCon March 3rd 9:00 PM IST | Topic: Soon to start ~ Introduct yourselves -           fullname and what you do |
15:37:17 on -!- techno_freak changed the topic of #bangpypers to: Welcome to #BangPypers -- Bangalore Python Users Group | http://wiki.python.org/moin/BangPypers | Proposal 
          for PyCon India - http://wiki.python.org/moin/ProposalForPyConIndia |  IRC Discussion for PyCon March 3rd 9:00 PM IST | Topic: Soon to start ~ Introduce yourselves -           fullname and what you do |
15:37:23 on  * svaksha is vid 
15:37:27 on  * techno_freak is Parthan
15:37:45 on < falcon74> Hello all. This is banibrata_dutta@gmail.com from the list. Foo-bar programmer, well not much of a programmer anymore, enthusiast, yes. Details here: 
                        http://www.linkedin.com/in/bdutta .
15:37:53 on  * svaksha can post logs (verbatim) on the wiki if its ok with all
15:37:55 on < Khmar> Khmar is Noufal Ibrahim
15:37:56 on -!- techno_freak changed the topic of #bangpypers to: Welcome to #BangPypers -- Bangalore Python Users Group | http://wiki.python.org/moin/BangPypers | Proposal 
          for PyCon India - http://wiki.python.org/moin/ProposalForPyConIndia |  IRC Discussion for PyCon March 3rd 9:00 PM IST | Topic: Soon to start ~ Introduce yourselves -           /me is FullName |
15:38:10 on  * falcon74 is Banibrata Dutta
15:38:20 on <@anandbpillai> ok, thanks Banibrata
15:38:27 on < AssaultedPeanut> is Bharath Keshav... a Python, Django programmer.
15:38:29 on < techno_freak> svaksha, pleased if you can :)
15:40:04 on < falcon74> it might be a good idea to post a msg on BangPypers list, that the meeting is starting...
15:40:26 on < techno_freak> falcon74, baijum1 has done, with an mibbit link
15:41:41 on < svaksha> are we starting 50 min early ?
15:41:41 on <@anandbpillai> myself Anand Balachandran Pillai, generic jack-of-all-trades developer (prefers C/Python), one of the founders of the group, developer of 
                            HarvestMan {http://harvestmanontheweb.com}, off and on Python consultant etc
15:41:54 on < techno_freak> svaksha, nope, we're waiting for baijum1 to return
15:42:39 on <@anandbpillai> Kenneth, are you there ?
15:42:51 on < techno_freak> lawgon, ping
15:44:08 on -!- Sup3rkiddo [n=sudharsh@unaffiliated/sudharsh] has joined #bangpypers
15:44:10 on  * svaksha notes that the logs will have UTC timings
15:44:36 on -!- rmz102 [n=ramdas@] has joined #bangpypers
15:44:40 on  * Sup3rkiddo is Sudharshan S
15:44:50 on < rmz102> rmz102 is Ramdas S
15:45:11 on < rmz102> Hey guys start talking
15:45:18 on <@anandbpillai> hi ramdas
15:45:28 on < rmz102> hi anand
15:45:33 on <@anandbpillai> ok, currently we are in introduction stage
15:45:48 on <@anandbpillai> A few guys including myself have done the intro
15:45:54 on <@anandbpillai> could u ?
15:45:59 on < rmz102> Hi everyone
15:46:03 on < svaksha> anandbpillai: and gals
15:46:10 on -!- floyd_n_milan_ [n=mrugesh@] has joined #bangpypers
15:46:16 on -!- lut4rp [n=pratul@drupal.org/user/162357/view] has joined #bangpypers
15:46:20 on < svaksha> lut4rp: 
15:46:24 on < lut4rp> hey svaksha
15:46:30 on < lut4rp> and hey everyone else
15:46:53 on  * lut4rp is Pratul Kalia
15:46:55 on < lut4rp> :P
15:46:59 on < lut4rp> hey lawgon !
15:47:02 on <@anandbpillai> hi pratul
15:47:07 on < lut4rp> hello
15:47:26 on <@anandbpillai> Is baijum back after dinner ? :)
15:47:40 on < rmz102> Anand is there any way someone joining can see the back log of discussions
15:47:55 on < techno_freak> rmz102, am afraid no
15:48:08 on -!- fever [n=sahasran@] has left #BangPypers []
15:48:34 on <@anandbpillai> We haven't discussed anything solid yet
15:49:07 on -!- rmathews [n=rm@] has joined #bangpypers
15:49:12 on < lut4rp> OMG September is awesome
15:49:12 on < lut4rp> 1
15:49:14 on < lut4rp> +1
15:49:39 on  * lut4rp cribs at foss.in people not realising December has college exams.
15:49:51 on < techno_freak> lut4rp, OT :P
15:49:53 on < rmathews> so has this channel been around for a while?  or was it just created for the PyCon discussion?
15:50:00 on < lut4rp> techno_freak: :P
15:50:06 on < techno_freak> rmathews, been around, but not used much
15:50:12 on < rmathews> huh
15:50:28 on < techno_freak> kushal was secretly owning it, until we bugged him and got the powers :P
15:50:29 on < rmathews> so are we starting early?
15:51:33 on < rmz102> yes, I think we can start
15:51:38 on < rmathews> as in Baiju sent a mail just now, and it's still 40 minutes to 9.
15:51:40 on <@anandbpillai> well, just getting our feet warmed up...
15:51:43 on < techno_freak> rmathews, read /topic ;)
15:52:07 on < rmathews> techno_freak: looks poetic, but I'd rather eat dinner.
15:52:25 on < techno_freak> rmathews, ahem.. introduce*
15:52:30 on  * rmathews is FullName
15:52:46 on < lut4rp> wow.
15:52:48 on < lut4rp> nice name.
15:52:52 on  * techno_freak send rmathews to LKG
15:53:49 on < rmathews> ahh, I see what you're doing ... /me is Roshan Mathews
15:54:42 on < rmz102> anand, can you start the proceedings and discuss individual topics which noufel had asked,
15:54:49 on <@anandbpillai> Is Anand Chitopothu around
15:54:58 on <@anandbpillai> sorry, Chittipothu
15:55:00 on < rmz102> anandology:
15:55:02 on < techno_freak> anandbpillai, can you start briefing what we are to discuss today
15:55:05 on <@anandbpillai> ok, got ua
15:55:12 on <@anandbpillai> got ya :)
15:55:18 on < rmathews> rmz102: hold your horses, you don't want people to show up at 9 and find us all going at full steam. :)
15:55:21 on < Khmar> I can start it off if you prefer?
15:55:50 on <@anandbpillai> Ramakrishna reddy ? (i am sounding like a nursery teacher doing roll call here ;)
15:56:07 on < techno_freak> anandbpillai, he is on his way home, he might join us a little later
15:56:18 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna*
15:56:20 on <@anandbpillai> well, let us wait for some more time before starting the proceedings
15:56:21 on -!- madrazr [n=madrazr@unaffiliated/madrazr] has joined #bangpypers
15:56:26 on < techno_freak> ok
15:56:30 on < Khmar> Sure thing.
15:56:39 on < rmathews> whoa, eager beavers, wasn't it supposed to start at *9*
15:56:44 on < rmathews> anandbpillai: thank you
15:57:14 on < madrazr> Hello all
15:57:19 on  * madrazr is Madhusudan.C.S
15:57:20 on < madrazr> :P
15:57:22 on < Khmar> Hello Madhu
15:57:26 on < madrazr> Khmar: Hi
15:57:31 on <@anandbpillai> how many ppl think 9 is a little late cuz u might miss something (bus, dinner, girlfriend, dog, beer ...) ?
15:57:31 on <@anandbpillai> (add python hacking also to the list ;)
15:57:37 on  * baijum1 is back 
15:57:39 on < baijum1> Hi all
15:57:42 on < techno_freak> ah we can now :d
15:57:43 on <@anandbpillai> hi baijum!
15:57:45 on < madrazr> I am one of the students who attended last BangPypers meet :)
15:57:47 on <@anandbpillai> ok, we can start
15:57:56 on < Khmar> Okay.
15:57:59 on  * Khmar rings the bell.
15:58:00 on <@anandbpillai> hi madrazr
15:58:05 on < lut4rp> no, let's not start yet.
15:58:08 on < madrazr> anandbpillai: Hi
15:58:09 on < lut4rp> the mail said 9.
15:58:10 on <@anandbpillai> i can't hear the sound! ;)
15:58:12 on -!- techno_freak changed the topic of #bangpypers to: Welcome to #BangPypers -- Bangalore Python Users Group | http://wiki.python.org/moin/BangPypers | Proposal 
          for PyCon India - http://wiki.python.org/moin/ProposalForPyConIndia |  IRC Discussion for PyCon March 3rd 9:00 PM IST | Topic: Briefing the topics |
15:58:14 on  * Khmar stops it again.
15:58:24 on < lut4rp> let's wait for everyone else who might want to make it.
15:58:32 on < baijum1> Hey, should be wait till 9.00 to begin officially ?
15:58:37 on < AssaultedPeanut> I can afford to miss saas bhi kabhibahu thi for today.... :P
15:58:44 on < baijum1> lut4rp: +1
15:58:44 on < Khmar> Ideally, we should wait till 2110 or so.
15:58:46 on <@anandbpillai> we can start off i guess ?
15:58:47 on -!- munichlinux [n=munichli@] has joined #bangpypers
15:58:49 on < techno_freak> baijum1, think we can begin, making 16 people wait they will become bored
15:59:01 on < rmathews> already, make up your mind, I can't keep coming back from dinner for this. :)
15:59:04 on < lut4rp> techno_freak: we can wait till 9.
15:59:06 on < Khmar> I think we can lay the ground.
15:59:14 on < lut4rp> people are still joining in.
15:59:17 on < techno_freak> lut4rp, 9 is too late, let them join when they come
15:59:17 on  * lut4rp points to munichlinux 
15:59:20 on < baijum1> techno_freak: But punctuality ? ;)
15:59:24 on < Khmar> Yes. That's also true.
15:59:31 on <@anandbpillai> i am still at office and i have my car, so i can go on waiting till 12 if needed :)
15:59:34 on  * munichlinux just reached home 
15:59:35 on < lut4rp> techno_freak: -.-
15:59:44 on < Khmar> What's the IRC client of choice here?
15:59:50 on < Khmar> Just curious
15:59:57 on < lut4rp> Colloquy?
15:59:58 on  * baijum1 use Gaim
15:59:59 on < lut4rp> :D
16:00:01 on -!- floyd_n_milan [n=mrugesh@unaffiliated/floydnmilan/x-000001] has quit [Connection timed out]
16:00:02 on < techno_freak> they can check the logs/MoM and pour their mind in the mailing list or come and discuss it here anytime
16:00:08 on < rmathews> rcirc
16:00:11 on < baijum1> s/Gaim/Pidgin
16:00:15 on  * techno_freak uses Xchat/irssi
16:00:18 on <@anandbpillai> i am using mibbit cuz all non-HTTP clients are blocked by firewall
16:00:35 on  * munichlinux uses xchat 
16:00:37 on <@anandbpillai> thanks baiju for the link
16:00:40 on < lut4rp> am i the only OS X open source fanboi here :
16:00:41 on < lut4rp> :/
16:00:42 on  * rmathews rushes off for dinner ... yum yum
16:00:46 on < Khmar> I usually ssh tunnel through hcoop when I want to chat from the office.
16:00:57 on  * Khmar uses erc
16:00:59 on < baijum1> anandbpillai: welcome :)
16:01:02 on -!- Casanova [n=prmohan@unaffiliated/casanova] has joined #bangpypers
16:01:06 on -!- floyd_n_milan_ [n=mrugesh@unaffiliated/floydnmilan/x-000001] has quit []
16:01:10 on < techno_freak> Casanova, whoa :D
16:01:13 on <@anandbpillai> i happen to work for a security company, tunnelling is also blocked ;)
16:01:14 on -!- jace [n=root@] has joined #bangpypers
16:01:19 on < Casanova> techno_freak: :)
16:01:22 on < techno_freak> jace,
16:01:25 on < jace> techno_freak:
16:01:28 on <@anandbpillai> :(
16:01:29 on < rmathews> techno_freak: see?  see??  I had to tell that chump that you guys were starting early.
16:01:38 on < Khmar> You can't ssh anywhere?
16:01:38 on < techno_freak> rmathews, they came early, see see
16:01:40 on < jace> techno_freak: didn't hear back from you
16:01:43 on <@anandbpillai> hi jace
16:01:47 on < jace> anandbpillai:
16:01:48 on < rmathews> techno_freak: that is, Casanova, not jace ... :|
16:01:49 on <@anandbpillai> no ssh
16:01:54 on < munichlinux> see*2 ??
16:01:55 on < techno_freak> jace, outgoing not happening, i thought of getting you on irc rather
16:01:58 on < Khmar> k
16:02:01 on < jace> techno_freak: k
16:02:03 on <@anandbpillai> you mean not the original jace ?
16:02:04 on < baijum1> Hi jace
16:02:05 on <@anandbpillai> hmmm
16:02:11 on < jace> ok, got to go help in the kitchen
16:02:17 on < Casanova> whats with people calling me names today :P
16:02:26 on < rmathews> you're the man of the hour
16:02:35 on <@anandbpillai> import pykitchen
16:02:36 on < jace> anandbpillai: i am who you think i am
16:02:39 on <@anandbpillai> pykitchen.cook()
16:02:41 on < jace> baijum1: yo
16:02:56 on < Khmar> dir(pykitchen.menu)
16:02:58 on < lut4rp> jace: man, you didn't even meet me at Freed.
16:02:59 on <@anandbpillai> ok, gr8 :)
16:03:15 on < lut4rp> jace: and the photo you clicked was so good, I didn't even thank you for that :P
16:03:25 on < techno_freak> OT OT :p
16:03:26 on < jace> lut4rp: i missed the second day. bad cold.
16:03:27 on < Casanova> techno_freak: moved to chennai?
16:03:36 on < techno_freak> Casanova, not yet, gimme a month
16:03:38 on < jace> ok, be back by 9
16:03:40 on < lut4rp> techno_freak: thou needs an operation?
16:04:11 on < techno_freak> lut4rp, i thought you knew better places to talk OT :P
16:04:20 on -!- btbytes [i=a6d973ba@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-518262fc7dfd5b36] has joined #BangPypers
16:04:45 on < baijum1> btbytes: Hi
16:04:50 on -!- anandology_ [n=anandolo@] has joined #bangpypers
16:04:51 on < btbytes> hi
16:05:31 on -!- Khmar` [n=user@] has joined #BangPypers
16:05:36 on  * lut4rp gently tells techno_freak to see the number of people that joined in over the past 5 minutes.
16:05:43 on < techno_freak> lut4rp, so?
16:05:52 on -!- Khmar [n=user@] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
16:05:54 on < lut4rp> err.
16:05:55 on -!- Khmar` is now known as Khmar
16:06:01 on < lut4rp> phail.
16:06:03 on < lut4rp> :P
16:06:21 on < svaksha> http://wiki.python.org/moin/BangPypers/IRCLogs/2009March03#preview , for meeting logs 
16:06:38 on < svaksha> can someone say why the formatting breaks
16:06:58 on < techno_freak> svaksha, <pre> </pre> ?
16:06:59 on < svaksha> i have them in a text file which i pasted
16:07:29 on < lut4rp> should work without <pre> as well.
16:07:32 on < lut4rp> weird.
16:08:29 on -!- mib_echawu [i=7d108523@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-72d7541083ab9c22] has joined #BangPypers
16:08:46 on -!- Netsplit kornbluth.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: @anandbpillai, rmathews
16:08:59 on -!- Netsplit over, joins: rmathews
16:09:04 on < Khmar> I've preformatted it. It looks fine now
16:09:28 on < svaksha> Khmar: thanks
16:09:33 on < Khmar> yw
16:10:07 on < munichlinux> svaksha, page header looks broken
16:10:24 on -!- ramkrsna [n=ramkrsna@unaffiliated/ramkrsna] has joined #Bangpypers
16:10:28 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna,
16:10:41 on < ramkrsna> techno_freak,
16:10:52 on < svaksha> Khmar:  ...half the text was dinner?
16:10:55 on < svaksha> :)
16:10:57 on < ramkrsna> powers back in home just in time
16:11:12 on < techno_freak> we were waiting some more time
16:11:16 on < Khmar> Well, you can repaste it. I don't know if I did something stupid.
16:11:22 on < svaksha> np
16:11:33 on < ramkrsna> wow! this is highest logins this channel every had officially
16:11:46 on < techno_freak> :)
16:11:48 on < mib_echawu> cool
16:12:01 on < mib_echawu> hmmmm i became mib_echawu ;) (anandbpillai)
16:12:02 on < techno_freak> we can do better :P
16:12:07 on < mib_echawu> need to log in again!
16:12:13 on < techno_freak> oh thanks for letting us know
16:12:18 on -!- mib_echawu [i=7d108523@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-72d7541083ab9c22] has quit [Client Quit]
16:12:34 on < ramkrsna> good to see all you folks around
16:12:39 on -!- anandbpillai [i=7d108523@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-fad762216ab955be] has joined #BangPypers
16:12:47 on -!- mode/#bangpypers [+o techno_freak] by ChanServ
16:12:50 on -!- mode/#bangpypers [+o ramkrsna] by techno_freak
16:13:49 on < techno_freak> anandbpillai, if he still follows his standards, he should have gone to bed by now
16:14:05 on < Khmar> lawgon is Kenneth?
16:14:17 on < techno_freak> yes
16:14:25 on < munichlinux> Khmar, na kenneth is lawgon
16:14:32 on <@ramkrsna> anandbpillai, lawgon isnt there, he left a message before that he would be logging the discussion
16:14:43 on < Khmar> 'is' is symmetric in this context.
16:15:17 on < munichlinux> ok replace is with ==
16:15:21 on <@ramkrsna> heh
16:15:32 on -!- Casanova [n=prmohan@unaffiliated/casanova] has quit ["leaving"]
16:15:38 on <@ramkrsna> I guess we'll start at 9 sharp
16:16:07 on < munichlinux> ok
16:16:16 on < anandbpillai> fine
16:16:17 on < Khmar> from __future__ import meeting
16:16:30 on < anandbpillai> reddy, u be the mod, i can take over if u leave
16:17:17 on < Khmar> You can use the agenda I sent or another but I think it would be a good idea to sent it to the list beforehand so that we all stay on the same page.
16:17:20 on < anandbpillai> anyone want to leave anytime can >>>import antigravity
16:17:30 on -!- anandology [n=anandolo@] has quit [Connection timed out]
16:17:48 on < Khmar> Is Sidu here?
16:17:57 on <@ramkrsna> okey. I might need someone else. I have a flaky power situation to moderate and a volunteer to log it
16:18:07 on <@ramkrsna> and post it back to the list
16:18:13 on < falcon74> do we have a "real member" count on this channel ?? 21 seems seeped with anand bloat :-)
16:18:17 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna, svaksha has volunteered to log, and i did for MoM
16:18:28 on <@ramkrsna> cool
16:18:29 on -!- n9986 [n=nandeep@] has joined #bangpypers
16:18:33 on < svaksha> http://wiki.python.org/moin/BangPypers/IRCLogs
16:19:10 on <@ramkrsna> svaksha, techno_freak thank guys
16:19:14 on -!- jace_ [n=root@] has joined #bangpypers
16:19:21 on < Khmar> I'll moderate then.
16:19:25 on < techno_freak> :)
16:19:32 on < jace_> i'm logging from here
16:19:34 on < Khmar> If I have to leave, can you take over Anand?
16:19:38 on < techno_freak> i will change the topic as well
16:19:41 on < anandbpillai> sure, anytime
16:19:45 on < Khmar> Okay then.
16:19:49 on -!- mode/#bangpypers [+o anandbpillai] by ramkrsna
16:19:52 on -!- mode/#bangpypers [+o Khmar] by ramkrsna
16:19:52 on <@Khmar> In 11 minutes, we'll start.
16:20:06 on < jace> can someone present the agenda once again?
16:20:12 on <@Khmar> Okay...
16:20:14 on < techno_freak> Khmar, please brief
16:20:17 on <@Khmar> Before that... ground rules.
16:20:20 on -!- baijum [n=baijum@] has joined #BangPypers
16:20:43 on <@Khmar> Please say 'end' or something at the end of what you have to say so that there's less interruption.
16:20:45 on -!- techno_freak changed the topic of #bangpypers to: Welcome to #BangPypers -- Bangalore Python Users Group | http://wiki.python.org/moin/BangPypers | Proposal 
          for PyCon India - http://wiki.python.org/moin/ProposalForPyConIndia |  IRC Discussion for PyCon March 3rd 9:00 PM IST | Topic: Briefing the topics for the day |
16:21:09 on <@anandbpillai> Hmmm, that is too ruby-ish, I prefer indenting my comments
16:21:09 on <@Khmar> And let's all agree not to monopolise the conversation.
16:21:15 on <@Khmar> *sigh*
16:21:17 on <@Khmar> :)
16:21:33 on < rmathews> am back
16:21:34 on < rmathews> end
16:21:35 on -!- mj0vy [n=mj0vy@] has joined #bangpypers
16:21:47 on <@Khmar> Hello mj0vy.
16:21:48 on <@anandbpillai> yeah, that is not a good protocol. let us instead say "yield"
16:21:53 on  * lut4rp goes for a quick dinner
16:21:53 on <@anandbpillai> i am done; yield
16:21:55 on < mj0vy> Hey Khmar
16:22:00 on <@Khmar> Okay.
16:22:08 on <@anandbpillai> i was kidding; yield ;
16:22:09 on -!- baijum2 [n=baijum@] has joined #BangPypers
16:22:10 on <@anandbpillai> ;)
16:22:22 on < techno_freak> ------ Briefing by Khmar ------------
16:22:24 on <@anandbpillai> Let us just use full stops Khmar. no need to end or yield
16:22:34 on < mj0vy> So you're discussing/promoting Python! Great. Let me be a silent listener
16:22:42 on <@Khmar> Fair enough
16:22:42 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, thanks for the detailed post of what needs to be discussed
16:22:46 on <@Khmar> Let's start then.
16:22:48 on -!- mib_nq32pc [i=7aa7733f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1589e09eb6f8081a] has joined #BangPypers
16:23:02 on <@Khmar> Hello mib_nq32pc
16:23:05 on < techno_freak> # please cut all random noise from now..
16:23:31 on <@Khmar> Okay. Thank you all for coming.
16:23:36 on <@anandbpillai> I suggest we discuss one after the other, i.e spent a few minutes on the proposal (theme  of the conf), then we can go to topics like sponsorship, finance etc
16:23:36 on <@Khmar> The first thing is the date.
16:23:42 on  * mib_nq32pc this is baiju , no power here :(
16:24:00 on <@Khmar> Okay.
16:24:07 on <@Khmar> I'm going as per the order in the mail I sent out.
16:24:08 on < techno_freak> ## Theme of the Conference ##
16:24:10 on <@anandbpillai> Can we set a sub-topic as date on the channel
16:24:12 on < mib_nq32pc> 3,4,5 september
16:24:12 on <@Khmar> so that we can stay on the same page.
16:24:15 on <@anandbpillai> ok, theme
16:24:32 on -!- mib_nq32pc is now known as baijum3
16:24:41 on <@Khmar> 3,4,5 September.
16:24:47 on <@Khmar> No arguments there.
16:24:53 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, 2009
16:24:55 on -!- G0SUB [n=ghoseb@ubuntu/member/gosub] has joined #bangpypers
16:25:03 on -!- baijum [n=baijum@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:25:05 on < rmathews> date sounds good
16:25:14 on <@Khmar> I don't seriously think there are any other Python conferences at that time.
16:25:16 on -!- baijum2 is now known as baijum
16:25:21 on <@Khmar> Do we need to check? Atleast some mails?
16:25:22 on <@anandbpillai> well, september is a good month, date is fine. Does it clash with other confs ?
16:25:30 on < techno_freak> i dont think so
16:25:37 on < mj0vy> Where in Bangalore?
16:25:40 on <@Khmar> lawgon might know. He maintains the calendar
16:25:43 on < G0SUB> 2010, right?
16:25:44 on <@Khmar> mj0vy: We'll come that.
16:25:46 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, I'm sure there are no community run python conferences
16:26:00 on <@Khmar> mj0vy: We're discussing date.
16:26:01 on <@ramkrsna> by the indian python community afaik
16:26:03 on < rmathews> G0SUB: 2009
16:26:05 on <@Khmar> Okay.
16:26:09 on < techno_freak> not any big FOSS conference as well
16:26:13 on <@Khmar> Any other conferences in general?
16:26:15 on <@Khmar> Okay.
16:26:16 on <@Khmar> That's good.
16:26:21 on < G0SUB> rmathews: hmm, isn't that too early?
16:26:23 on <@Khmar> So, we'll settle with 3,4,5 Sep
16:26:30 on < jace> +1
16:26:33 on < techno_freak> +1
16:26:36 on < rmathews> G0SUB: now will be a good time to speak up
16:26:42 on < baijum> +1
16:26:46 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, before we dive into the date. there are a few thinks all the participants in this room need to know
16:26:46 on < G0SUB> rmathews: are we well prepped for a conf of this scale?
16:26:47 on <@Khmar> G0SUB: You think it will be?
16:26:51 on <@ramkrsna> +1 for the day
16:26:55 on <@anandbpillai> note that 3,4,5 is thu,fri,sat
16:27:00 on <@anandbpillai> why not 4,5,6 then ?
16:27:06 on <@anandbpillai> so sunday is involved
16:27:09 on <@Khmar> One day to recover?
16:27:11 on < rmathews> ohh, right 4, 5, 6 then is better
16:27:22 on < G0SUB> Khmar: think about the scale ...
16:27:26 on < techno_freak> first half of september is good
16:27:27 on <@anandbpillai> i mean was there anything special about 3,4,5 by the original proposer ? please clarify
16:27:27 on < rmathews> two days leave?
16:27:34 on < jace> people need sunday off to recover. i prefer 3,4,5.
16:27:36 on < G0SUB> shouldn't we organise some smaller events first?
16:27:45 on < munichlinux> anandbpillai, +1 for the date
16:27:49 on <@ramkrsna> +1, for 3,4, 5
16:27:50 on <@Khmar> G0SUB: This needn't be larger than we can handle.
16:27:55 on <@Khmar> +1 for 3,4,5
16:27:56 on < techno_freak> +1 for 3,4,5
16:27:57 on < jace> G0SUB: it can be done if there's good management in place.
16:28:06 on < jace> and there's plenty of time for that
16:28:10 on < falcon74> +1 for 3,4,5
16:28:10 on < abhinav> +1 for 3,4,5
16:28:15 on < G0SUB> jace: That's a bit iffy...
16:28:18 on <@anandbpillai> well, smaller events do make sense, i mean we need to discuss that
16:28:22 on <@Khmar> G0SUB: We'll decide to scale it down or move it if we can't show any promise in a short while.
16:28:27 on < baijum> I suggest September 4,5,6 originally...
16:28:28 on <@Khmar> anandbpillai: We will.
16:28:29 on <@anandbpillai> something like a BoF for Py con india this barcamp makes sense
16:28:31 on < G0SUB> Khmar: makes sense
16:28:37 on < rmathews> I guess, that does it.  So 4, 5, 6 is out by vote.
16:28:39 on < G0SUB> anandbpillai: yeah
16:28:46 on <@anandbpillai> ok, 3,4,5 sounds good
16:28:46 on <@Khmar> 3,4,5 then.
16:28:49 on <@Khmar> That's settled.
16:28:54 on < techno_freak> ok more 3,4,5 and less 4,5,6
16:29:03 on <@Khmar> Anyone who doesn't like it can take a hike. :P
16:29:03 on < techno_freak> so it's September 3rd, 4th and 5th
16:29:21 on < rmathews> Khmar: goes without saying. :)
16:29:22 on < G0SUB> going straight for a PyCon without having any other smaller meets seems to be a very hasty attempt to me...
16:29:24 on <@anandbpillai> please, moderator, don't overlord
16:29:29 on <@anandbpillai> thanks :)
16:29:33 on <@Khmar> anandbpillai: Kidding. :)
16:29:36 on < G0SUB> we don't even have any idea about the audience
16:29:56 on < techno_freak> i rend to agree with G0SUB in that point
16:29:59 on < techno_freak> tend*
16:29:59 on < rmathews> G0SUB: you have a very valid point
16:30:06 on < jace> G0SUB: might as well aim for a significant event. this meeting and the next couple will decide if it can be done.
16:30:07 on < rmathews> Khmar: may we pause to discuss that?
16:30:28 on <@Khmar> I think that's an important point and I've got a bullet for that.
16:30:28 on <@anandbpillai> Folks, actually date should be one of the last items, thinking about it logically
16:30:30 on < jace> G0SUB: from my experience, organising a large event is less of a problem than preventing too many cooks from entering the kitchen
16:30:32 on < abhinav> G0SUB: smaller meet like?
16:30:35 on < rmathews> anandbpillai: yes
16:30:36 on <@anandbpillai> i mean let us discuss the meat, core first
16:30:44 on < G0SUB> abhinav: a barcamp style one?
16:30:46 on < techno_freak> yes, until we get all these fixed, date can't be fixed
16:30:47 on < rmathews> anandbpillai: yes!
16:30:48 on < G0SUB> jace: I agree
16:30:53 on < rmathews> techno_freak: yes!!!
16:30:58 on <@ramkrsna> G0SUB, the point being how big a event do you think  PyCon India is going to be ?
16:31:02 on < jace> G0SUB: BCB4 had 650+ participants. it only took 5-6 people and a couple of months to organise.
16:31:06 on < falcon74> very true, date should come last... first let's see what all we need to get there... a "tentative" date should be fine. better not "freeze" it.
16:31:07 on <@anandbpillai> i mean fix the girl, before you fix the wedding date man
16:31:12 on < techno_freak> ## What's about the PyCon India ##
16:31:20 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: I am judging the scale by the name. International people will be looking
16:31:27 on < jace> PyCon will be different because it will have more order and international participants, but it can be done in the ~6 months we have
16:31:30 on < baijum> I guess, for PyCon India, we can expect around 600
16:31:56 on <@Khmar> Good point. We'll keep the date out of the way for now.
16:32:02 on <@Khmar> 600 people.
16:32:04 on < abhinav> 600 sound a bit more
16:32:05 on < G0SUB> can't we have some FOSSMeets before we try a FOSS.in ?
16:32:08 on <@ramkrsna> baijum, I would think  around 400, must be a good crowd
16:32:10 on <@anandbpillai> right, so as per prev discussion sep 3,4,5 is the tentative date. Let us say that is final.
16:32:20 on < techno_freak> so let us first decide what this PyCon India be like, what do we expect to do, whom do we expect to cater to
16:32:29 on <@ramkrsna> techno_freak, +1
16:32:33 on <@anandbpillai> +1
16:32:39 on <@anandbpillai> techno_freak +11
16:32:57 on < jace> since this is the first pycon india, there will have to be a newbie track, but that can only be a side event (even if an important one)
16:32:59 on <@Khmar> Okay. As far as my understanding goes, it's not going to be a purely evangelical or newbie event.
16:33:14 on <@ramkrsna> true
16:33:21 on < falcon74> if we are calling this "PyCon India", i presume the format/content would be (/should be) same as "PyCon"
16:33:26 on <@anandbpillai> I suggest we aim for the students, i mean target the newbies because they are the most enthusiastic
16:33:28 on < baijum> No need to consider international people, this is going to be an "Indian" PyCon like PyCon Italy, PyCon Brazil etc.
16:33:36 on <@ramkrsna> falcon74, yes
16:33:38 on < rmz102> Guys target somewhere between 250-400 only for the first meet
16:33:43 on <@anandbpillai> target them as audience, but content can be aimed at a higher level
16:33:45 on < techno_freak> we cater to what Indian community needs as of now wrt Python
16:33:46 on -!- rmathews` [n=rm@] has joined #bangpypers
16:33:55 on <@Khmar> Let's say 300.
16:33:59 on <@Khmar> And now, keep that out of the way.
16:34:01 on < G0SUB> Khmar: I like the idea... but think about this. The FOSS.in guys have trouble in organising dev oriented conferences which are much more general than 
                     Python. how will we do it differently?
16:34:03 on <@Khmar> content wise, what are we planning?
16:34:05 on <@ramkrsna> baijum, we would give emphasis more on indian speakers. We also need to have a CFP
16:34:19 on < baijum> ramkrsna: ok
16:34:41 on <@anandbpillai> +1 ramkrsna
16:34:44 on < rmathews`> ramkrsna: -1 for the Indian speakers part.
16:34:53 on < jace> if we're discussing students and newbies, lawgon should be involved.
16:35:01 on <@Khmar> rmathews`: Given our scale, I think most of the speakers will be Indian.
16:35:03 on <@anandbpillai> can someone wake him up
16:35:04 on < rmathews`> anandbpillai: why?  the pycon part is important, not the india part
16:35:06 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: this indian, non indian thing is secondary.
16:35:18 on < jace> afaik, he has more experience with that demographic than any of us.
16:35:24 on < rmathews`> Khmar: true, but that shouldn't be a criteria for selecting speakers.
16:35:37 on <@Khmar> rmathews`: Yes, but the distinction will be theoretical.
16:35:41 on -!- Netsplit kornbluth.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: rmathews
16:35:42 on < techno_freak> we also need to show what Indian python shops are doing as well
16:35:44 on <@anandbpillai> I think he was meaning like we don't do it the foss dot in way, i.e celebrity talkers from abroad. i agree with that
16:35:53 on < techno_freak> +1
16:35:54 on < G0SUB> why don't we admit that we are choosing the name PyCon just like that and don't want to attempt something like the real PyCons....
16:35:59 on < rmathews`> Khmar: yet, important
16:36:03 on <@ramkrsna> G0SUB, well i agree, not being a racist here :D
16:36:06 on < rmathews`> G0SUB: that's unfriendly
16:36:12 on <@Khmar> rmathews`: Yup. And I afree with you.
16:36:14 on -!- baijum1 [n=baijum@] has quit [Connection timed out]
16:36:33 on < rmathews`> G0SUB: we wants to be cool too, stop being a party pooper.
16:36:34 on <@Khmar> G0SUB: Let's not call it PyCon then.
16:36:47 on < G0SUB> let's just think about organising a Python Conference.
16:36:49 on <@Khmar> But don't let hair splitting over the name suck up time.
16:36:56 on < G0SUB> this PyCon name is giving me jitters
16:36:57 on <@Khmar> Okay.
16:37:05 on <@anandbpillai> international participation is good for marketing and visibility, but we need to be practical abt it since this is the 1st edition and we may not 
                            be able to attract a lot of international visibility right from the world go
16:37:09 on < jace> G0SUB: a Python Conference can't be abbreviated to PyCon?
16:37:20 on <@anandbpillai> so by design we will have more indian speakers i guess
16:37:21 on < rmathews`> G0SUB: me too, actually at first, but then maybe the added pressure will create something better
16:37:24 on <@Khmar> Please... No more discussion about using the name or not. Not till later.
16:37:33 on < G0SUB> jace: yes, but that name is already established as an uber Python Conference
16:37:33 on < jace> Khmar: +1
16:37:33 on < rmathews`> Khmar: okay
16:37:39 on -!- mib_x3pwqu [i=7c7dbd2e@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-d53a866ad1bd9232] has joined #BangPypers
16:37:49 on < rmathews`> topics? speakers?
16:37:52 on < techno_freak> so more indian speakers, then..
16:37:56 on < techno_freak> what's the theme?
16:37:58 on < rmathews`> techno_freak: grrrr.
16:38:00 on <@Khmar> So, we'll have some dev stuff. Some newbie stuff and what else?
16:38:06 on -!- anandology_ [n=anandolo@] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
16:38:09 on < baijum> Actually Python developers and PSF encourage to use "PyCon" name
16:38:09 on < rmathews`> Khmar: -1 for the newbie stuff.
16:38:09 on < G0SUB> otherwise, I am perfectly fine with a python conference. the name just creates some false expectations
16:38:10 on < jace> Khmar: +1
16:38:13 on < abhinav> tutorials?
16:38:24 on < jace> dang up arrow
16:38:31 on <@anandbpillai> GOSUB, please drop the name reference.
16:38:32 on < techno_freak> workshops?
16:38:34 on <@ramkrsna> G0SUB, rmathews`  The rationale behind was to encourage python , how a local communities like bangpypers, chennaipy can help spread python with in india
16:38:40 on < jace> the question of indian or foreign speakers should be left to the speakers.
16:38:47 on < jace> no need to focus on one type
16:38:50 on < G0SUB> anandbpillai: yeah
16:38:51 on <@anandbpillai> +1 jace
16:38:59 on <@anandbpillai> that was what i was trying to say
16:39:09 on <@ramkrsna> jace, fair and simple call for cfp.
16:39:09 on < abhinav> code sprints?
16:39:10 on < jace> we're clearly after an indian /audience/, since the conf is in india
16:39:10 on < G0SUB> anandbpillai: it's a zero, btw. not O :)
16:39:18 on <@Khmar> The Indianness is a non-issue. Let's just keep that out of the way. When we get a chance to be racist, we'll bring it back on the table.
16:39:20 on <@Khmar> :)
16:39:26 on <@ramkrsna> heh
16:39:31 on -!- rmathews [n=rm@] has joined #bangpypers
16:39:34 on < jace> so can we decide who the audience is?
16:39:38 on <@Khmar> So, can we attract a dev crowd?
16:39:46 on <@Khmar> Or should we focus more on the newbie thing?
16:39:49 on <@anandbpillai> -1 Khmar we should not aim for it
16:39:50 on < jace> taking a maxim from the advertising industry:
16:39:51 on < rmz102> The only connection with India is that its happening in India
16:39:51 on < techno_freak> One is Beginners of Python
16:39:52 on <@Khmar> What about things like coding sprints?
16:39:53 on -!- electracool [n=chatzill@] has joined #bangpypers
16:39:54 on < G0SUB> jace: newbies. mainly.
16:39:57 on <@anandbpillai> i mean this should be about spreading awareness
16:40:07 on < jace> the lifestyles portrayed in the typical ad only apply to 10% of the target demographic
16:40:11 on <@anandbpillai> no omlettes in 1st edition ;)
16:40:13 on < rmathews`> ramkrsna: hmm ... maybe the Python groups can continue evangelizing, and leave the conference for users by users?  I'm just saying, targetting talks 
                         for newbies generally brings the quality of things down, and it seems to happen all the time.  Given that this is a conference, not an unconference, 
                         the direction it is given now, will decide how much of a success this will be.
16:40:27 on < jace> the remaining 90% are expected to aspire to be like the 10% and to thereby identify with the ad
16:40:28 on < G0SUB> Khmar: it's masochism to think that you will be able to attract quality dev crowd in India
16:40:34 on < techno_freak> well, you have to cover variety of people
16:40:35 on <@ramkrsna> rmathews, I agree with you
16:40:40 on < jace> aspiration is key
16:40:46 on < techno_freak> when you are beginning
16:40:49 on <@Khmar> Perhaps but the pessimism is not going to help us. :)
16:41:01 on < rmathews`> +1 for the code sprints
16:41:11 on < jace> a newbie-focused event will lose enthusiasm very quickly
16:41:20 on < techno_freak> so we have beginner talks for newbiews, and code sprints for the seasoned
16:41:21 on <@Khmar> Even non-python people who are into open source might be interested in a technically involved session rather than a newbie thing.
16:41:23 on <@anandbpillai> can we not have a specific target audience in mind ? i mean let that be hazy... i think it will help proceedings
16:41:23 on < abhinav> +1 jace
16:41:33 on <@anandbpillai> the python developer is our audience
16:41:33 on <@Khmar> +1 anandbpillai
16:41:38 on <@ramkrsna> rmathews, I didnt say anything about lowering standards. we need to have diffrent tracks, newbie, intermediate and expert/gurus track
16:41:39 on < jace> people supporting the event, even those in this room, want the event to represent their own aspirations
16:41:41 on <@anandbpillai> let him be new or raw or old
16:41:46 on < techno_freak> anandbpillai, like "already existing" python programmers in India?
16:41:55 on <@anandbpillai> kind of, right
16:42:02 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: Or good programmers looking for a FOSS atmosphere.
16:42:06 on <@anandbpillai> i mean guys who know something abt python at least, not raw newbies
16:42:07 on < rmathews`> ramkrsna: the tracks idea sounds nice, and I did think about it, but it's tricky to get right.
16:42:08 on < techno_freak> leave FOSS out of these
16:42:11 on < baijum> may be 1 day for newbies (tutorial day) 1 day conf day and last day sprint ?
16:42:18 on < rmathews`> jace: :D
16:42:19 on <@anandbpillai> +1 baijum
16:42:21 on <@Khmar> rmathews`: tracks?
16:42:24 on <@ramkrsna> rmathews, we would also need 'tutorials'
16:42:25 on <@Khmar> +1 baijum
16:42:28 on <@anandbpillai> good idea, implementable  i guess
16:42:28 on < rmathews`> Khmar: yes.
16:42:29 on < jace> target the uber coders, folks who are changing the face of python itself, while leaving some space for newbies
16:42:32 on <@Khmar> That's a 'neat' distinction.
16:42:37 on < rmz102> I think itsbetter to have seperate tracks
16:42:38 on < jace> and by the time event happens, it'll water itself down to the right proportions.
16:42:41 on < techno_freak> baijum, sprint needs to be in the middle, so we have one more day to polish up :D
16:42:47 on < G0SUB> jace: name 10 uber python coders from India
16:42:52 on < jace> G0SUB: irrelevent
16:42:55 on <@anandbpillai> jace, u mean the pypy folks for example ?
16:42:58 on <@Khmar> rmz102: Can you clarify what you mean by tracks? Parallel sessions?
16:42:58 on < G0SUB> jace: haha
16:43:06 on < rmathews`> Khmar: yes.
16:43:08 on < rmz102> yes parallel sessions
16:43:17 on -!- Netsplit kornbluth.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: rmathews
16:43:22 on <@Khmar> That'll require more resources to keep going smoothly methinks.
16:43:28 on < jace> G0SUB: the uber programmers could come from anywhere in the world. it doesn't matter.
16:43:31 on -!- Netsplit over, joins: rmathews
16:43:31 on < rmathews`> Khmar: I think I saw that in the UK PyCon too.  Different rooms with simultanoues talks.
16:43:39 on < jace> what matters is the aspiration quality of the event
16:43:43 on < rmz102> You can have parallel sessions, do not divide them into newbie or experienced
16:43:46 on < rmz102> just halls
16:43:50 on < G0SUB> jace: I agree
16:43:52 on <@ramkrsna> G0SUB, please do not go off topic, help us plan it. I know you are a uber coder
16:43:52 on < techno_freak> too many parallel talks everything goes out of hand
16:43:53 on <@anandbpillai> +1 rmz102
16:43:53 on <@ramkrsna> :D
16:43:54 on < baijum> BTW, for other PyCons, including EuroPython, they used to conduct sprint on last day
16:43:55 on <@Khmar> Although we can accomplish more. I think it would better if we switch to that if we have sufficient topics
16:43:59 on <@Khmar> Hmmmm.
16:43:59 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: lol
16:44:01 on <@Khmar> you're right
16:44:02 on < jace> anandbpillai: i'm not very familiar with pypy, unfortunately.
16:44:03 on <@Khmar> +1 rmz102
16:44:04 on <@anandbpillai> let others do the tagging, just present content
16:44:06 on <@anandbpillai> :)
16:44:20 on <@Khmar> Okay...
16:44:24 on <@Khmar> So.. let me summarise this.
16:44:31 on -!- n3oo3n [n=n3oo3n@gaia.xinh.org] has joined #bangpypers
16:44:33 on < techno_freak> baijum, the crowd comes on the first day and the last day, so have the sprint in the middle so we are at peace ;-)
16:44:35 on <@Khmar> So that we can focus a little.
16:44:38 on <@anandbpillai> ok, yield Khmar :)
16:44:41 on < falcon74> I think 'GOSUB's question is relevant...  "name 10 uber python coders in India"... i'd think that atleast 80% of that 10, are in this channel at the 
                        moment. Let's not make this 'elitist'... but 'inclusive'.
16:44:58 on < G0SUB> falcon74: that's my idea.
16:44:59 on < rmz102> we can always move talks based on expected audience levels
16:45:05 on < baijum> Khmar: can you check we are on agenda ?
16:45:05 on < rmz102> across halls
16:45:11 on <@Khmar> We aren't really. :)
16:45:13 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, wait , I guess we still need to discuss the rationale behind the conference
16:45:18 on < falcon74> which doesn't mean, that dilute content to make it anything else...
16:45:23 on <@Khmar> Okay okay!
16:45:27 on <@anandbpillai> i think that is fine, cmon this is a web-conf, we are broadly on the agenda
16:45:28 on < baijum> Khmar: so, please do a moderation :)
16:45:28 on < techno_freak> Khmar, declare tentative "Focus of PyCon"
16:45:48 on < rmathews`> Khmar: maybe you should just note down the pressure points this time, and call for another meet after discussing this on the mailing list/wiki
16:45:53 on <@Khmar> I am.
16:46:00 on < jace> falcon74: if you start elitist but egalitarian (ie, not explicitly excluding anyone), you'll automatically come down to normal levels. but if you start 
                    low, you won't rise up.
16:46:05 on <@Khmar> But I think we have some meat that I think will be useful to summarise.
16:46:07 on <@anandbpillai> yes, folks, this is not going to be the meeting, but first of many meetings i would say
16:46:09 on <@ramkrsna> Lets talk about the audience , types of audience and different fields they come from
16:46:16 on < rmathews`> Khmar: meet?
16:46:23 on <@ramkrsna> most of them students, developers, sys admins
16:46:24 on <@Khmar> i mean content.
16:46:28 on <@anandbpillai> +1 ramkrsna
16:46:37 on < rmathews`> Khmar: just checking.
16:46:45 on <@Khmar> Okay. So the broad plan as I understand is that we invite presentations and just schedule them properly.
16:46:52 on -!- Netsplit kornbluth.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: rmathews
16:46:52 on <@Khmar> No real lines between them.
16:46:56 on < techno_freak> students who want to know about Python, people who already code in Python
16:46:57 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, yes
16:47:00 on <@Khmar> We parallelise based on resources and number of presentations.
16:47:06 on < jace> Khmar: "yes, but"
16:47:07 on < techno_freak> yes
16:47:14 on -!- Netsplit over, joins: rmathews
16:47:14 on <@anandbpillai> i would expect 50% students, 40% python developers (at work, IT admin , script kiddie etc) and 10% uber coders/guys who do Python for a living
16:47:16 on <@Khmar> If it takes up all 3 days, well and good
16:47:20 on < techno_freak> but we need to have a theme, say our target audience is THIS
16:47:21 on < rmathews`> just a thought, I enjoy those talks best which are a lil (just a lil over my head) gets me all excited, but the ones which just cover old ground make me nod offf
16:47:25 on <@Khmar> If not, we can have an explicit 'sprint' day.
16:47:30 on < G0SUB> rmathews: is your connection _so_ bad?
16:47:37 on <@ramkrsna> developers again fall into system programmers, web programmers...
16:47:45 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna, +1
16:47:46 on <@ramkrsna> ofcourse there is Django ;-)
16:47:48 on < rmathews`> G0SUB: don't ask. :)
16:47:51 on <@anandbpillai> do we need to discuss at that level ?
16:47:55 on -!- electracool_ [n=chatzill@] has joined #bangpypers
16:47:58 on < techno_freak> we need Python for Web Development and Python for System Programming
16:48:03 on <@Khmar> I think when we send out for papers, the topics will reflect the crowd that will come.
16:48:09 on <@anandbpillai> from india i guess 80% of python programmers would fall to web programmer category
16:48:15 on < techno_freak> anandbpillai, we need to separate web, otherwise it will eat up the whole conf
16:48:18 on <@ramkrsna> anandbpillai, thats a higher level view
16:48:23 on <@anandbpillai> so we should focus on web part of it on that
16:48:32 on < techno_freak> that's to decide
16:48:33 on < rmz102> anandbpillai:not necessarily
16:48:39 on < rmathews`> okay, is there anyone from Google here?
16:48:43 on <@anandbpillai> separate track for that ? (Django, pylons etc)
16:48:48 on <@anandbpillai> btbytes ?
16:48:49 on <@ramkrsna> so keeping out audiance in mind. web programming might get a lot of papers
16:48:49 on < techno_freak> Web Frameworks
16:48:55 on < rmathews`> what are the odds of getting Guido to make a trip to see elephants and what not?
16:48:56 on <@anandbpillai> you are best to comment on it (btbytes)
16:49:13 on -!- Netsplit kornbluth.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: rmathews
16:49:13 on <@ramkrsna> rmathews, I would love guido to be here
16:49:19 on < G0SUB> rmathews: don't even think of getting GvR here
16:49:21 on < rmz102> I think it is premature to discuss content right now
16:49:36 on < jace> G0SUB: why aim too low?
16:49:38 on <@anandbpillai> yield rmz102 :)
16:49:38 on < rmathews`> G0SUB: what did you eat, man ... think happy happy joy joy
16:49:38 on < rmz102> first look at the macro issues
16:49:41 on < techno_freak> ok...
16:49:42 on <@Khmar> We'll come to GvR later.
16:49:48 on < techno_freak> we have some clue of theme
16:49:50 on < techno_freak> what next..
16:49:55 on < baijum> Sponsorship ?
16:49:57 on <@ramkrsna> G0SUB, you could invite knuth here, you know him
16:49:57 on <@Khmar> I think the theme is broadly done.
16:50:01 on < G0SUB> jace: I mean isn't that irrelevant at this moment?
16:50:05 on <@Khmar> whois G0SUB
16:50:08 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: DEK is too old
16:50:10 on < techno_freak> Reminder: This is Meet #1, we will get into details based next time
16:50:11 on < rmz102> Look at how much can be raised for the conference
16:50:19 on < G0SUB> Khmar: you forgot the /
16:50:20 on < rmz102> where do you want to do it
16:50:21 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, you do not know G0SUB
16:50:21 on <@Khmar> Okay. Theme is done then.
16:50:24 on < jace> G0SUB: yes, but let it pass.
16:50:28 on < techno_freak> # Venue
16:50:35 on <@ramkrsna> okey lets get back to the topic
16:50:43 on < rmz102> in Bangalore the choices are
16:50:45 on < techno_freak> Where do you want it to happen?
16:50:46 on <@Khmar> theme is done.
16:50:47 on < rmathews`> companies with Python products?  I can ask someone from office to talk about Quillpad, if that isn't too hush hush.
16:50:49 on < techno_freak> Do we have hosts?
16:50:57 on < baijum> Bangalore
16:50:59 on <@Khmar> I'm not sure...
16:51:01 on < techno_freak> rmathews`, please stick with the topic
16:51:03 on <@Khmar> Where do you usually hold conferences?
16:51:06 on <@Khmar> IISc. ?
16:51:11 on < rmz102> IISc, any of the 5 star hotels
16:51:11 on <@Khmar> I didn't attend foss.in
16:51:14 on <@anandbpillai> +1 rmathews, would be nice to have a track for new Python products, so to speak
16:51:16 on < G0SUB> rmathews`: if Quillpad is not FOSS, how's that relevant?
16:51:26 on < jace> lots of venues, but if you want IISc JN Tata, you have to book now.
16:51:29 on < madrazr> IISC would be easier
16:51:34 on < G0SUB> if I can't see the source, how can I learn?
16:51:35 on < jace> lots of smaller venues within IISc too.
16:51:36 on < madrazr> err... better
16:51:38 on < rmathews`> G0SUB: Haha, non sequitor.  QP is in Python.
16:51:39 on < techno_freak> IISc is costlier if am not wrong
16:51:43 on < techno_freak> i mean the audi
16:51:44 on <@Khmar> IISc. looks like a popular choice
16:51:46 on < baijum> +1 for IISc
16:51:49 on <@anandbpillai> Folks, this is not a FOSS event, i dont think we have to enforce that anything discussed here is FOSS
16:51:51 on <@Khmar> rmathews`: Let's leave that thread please?
16:51:56 on < techno_freak> anandbpillai, +100
16:52:00 on < rmz102> JN Tata was costing around 40 k a day a few years back
16:52:01 on <@anandbpillai> it has to be Python and if it is FOSS, good, but not exclusively FOSS
16:52:03 on < rmathews`> Khmar: okay, this is going too fast for me. :(
16:52:15 on <@ramkrsna> okey folks. I would like to stop the discussions for a while
16:52:26 on < baijum> Any other venue suggestion ?
16:52:27 on <@Khmar> I think it'd be good to have some non FOSS python too.
16:52:28 on < techno_freak> are we looking at a proper Audi, or some classrooms are good enough with a central audi?
16:52:39 on < G0SUB> anandbpillai: how will it help if some company comes and talks about this cool non-free app written in Python?
16:52:42 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, can you summarize the conference rationale
16:52:43 on <@anandbpillai> hmmm, venue so soon
16:52:47 on < rmz102> you can look at cheaper places like Bangalore colleges which will come between 8 and 15 k
16:52:51 on < rmz102> a day
16:52:52 on < jace> kitchen duty again. will catch up later.
16:52:58 on <@ramkrsna> folks venue can be discussed a bit later
16:53:03 on < techno_freak> it's on Python, not Python+FOSS
16:53:07 on <@Khmar> Colleges look like a popular choice.
16:53:07 on < rmathews`> G0SUB: actually you do have a point, lets get to this later.
16:53:16 on <@Khmar> Any others?
16:53:17 on < G0SUB> rmathews`: yeah :)
16:53:17 on < techno_freak> ??
16:53:21 on <@anandbpillai> G0SUB: how if the cool, non-free webapp is an online service, very usable like facebook, but can't be made free ?
16:53:28 on < baijum> ramkrsna: We will  be required to book earlier for venu like IISc
16:53:34 on < abhinav> what about IIMB?
16:53:35 on <@anandbpillai> G0SUB: you will flag it down ? i dont think so
16:53:42 on <@Khmar> IIMB, IISc.
16:53:44 on <@Khmar> PESIT?
16:53:45 on < madrazr> hello all, I come from BMSCE, if you guys are Ok, I can talk to our college management
16:53:45 on < rmz102> Go for a central place
16:53:51 on < G0SUB> anandbpillai: makes sense if some of it is free. facebook has thrift. which rocks.
16:53:53 on < n3oo3n> what about conf dates ?
16:53:56 on < rmz102> Pesit is a good choice
16:53:59 on < rmz102> will come free
16:54:02 on < madrazr> we have one central Audi, 2 small Audis and classrooms
16:54:02 on < techno_freak> so it is favoured to be in Bangalore? final.. let leave the details to next meeting on Venue fixing
16:54:03 on < rmathews`> thought for the hour:  given that everything is premature right now, how about just having a free for all and being all civilized later?
16:54:13 on <@anandbpillai> G0SUB: yes, i meant at least if part is free, we are not going to discuss any full proprietary stuff here
16:54:23 on <@ramkrsna> techno_freak, +1
16:54:24 on <@anandbpillai> G0SUB: If for example, the client is open and free,
16:54:37 on < n3oo3n> how much crowd is expected ?
16:54:39 on < G0SUB> anandbpillai: well, _then_ I am all for it. I should be able to take something home.
16:54:45 on < techno_freak> ## Venue - Bangalore - Details for specialised meeting ##
16:54:48 on < rmathews`> anandbpillai: yes, I was interested more in the aspects of machine learning and AI with python rather than the QP product itself.
16:54:53 on < techno_freak> ## Sponsors ##
16:55:05 on < rmathews`> n3oo3n: we don't know yet.
16:55:09 on < rmz102> Sponsors will depend on how much you want to raise
16:55:12 on < madrazr> and BMSCE is very much in the heart of the City - Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi
16:55:19 on <@anandbpillai> G0SUB: yes, that is what i meant, let us not drag the topic, hope i am clear enough
16:55:20 on <@Khmar> Any suggestions for a venue other than colleges?
16:55:22 on < techno_freak> which will indirectly depend on what all we're going to do
16:56:07 on < rmz102> you need to also look at we are in middle of recession and some of the usual suspects may not cough up much
16:56:09 on <@Khmar> I guess not.
16:56:10 on <@anandbpillai> rmathews: I think people would like to take something back home, so if the product does not have an open client API at least, it may not be well  received
16:56:12 on <@ramkrsna> Okey for the venue, we could set up volunteer groups, to go to each of these places and find out the rates| bandwidth | facilities ( speaker room,  class rooms)
16:56:17 on < techno_freak> We need Sponsors for [1] Speaker Accommodation [2] Logistics [3] Venue [4] Media [5] Conference Kit?
16:56:20 on < n3oo3n> place we can decide after getting idea about the head count
16:56:23 on <@Khmar> anandbpillai: This is really off topic. :)
16:56:32 on < baijum> Hotel ?
16:56:37 on <@ramkrsna> techno_freak, lets roll back a bit
16:56:39 on <@anandbpillai> Khmar: I am not in the main topic thread ;)
16:56:45 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna, to.. ?
16:56:57 on <@ramkrsna> techno_freak, to the conference it self
16:56:59 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: that's a decent summary.
16:57:03 on < techno_freak> ok
16:57:14 on <@Khmar> ramkrsna: I think the birds eye view of the conference is done.
16:57:17 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna, then raise the topic you want to be discussed
16:57:18 on < rmz102> baijum: Hotel? you mean for stay or for conference
16:57:38 on <@Khmar> series of talks which we parallelise, and a separate day for sprints if the talks don't fill the thing.
16:57:40 on <@ramkrsna> CFP and a Open review Process
16:57:42 on <@anandbpillai> Hotels would be damn expensive for a conf like this
16:57:54 on <@ramkrsna> How many of you think having a CFP is a good idea
16:57:59 on <@anandbpillai> +1 CFP
16:57:59 on < techno_freak> +1
16:58:07 on < rmz102> yes it will cost between 500 and 1500 a day per person for 200+
16:58:08 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: +1
16:58:09 on < btbytes> +1 for CFP
16:58:19 on <@Khmar> CFP?
16:58:24 on <@anandbpillai> call for proposals
16:58:27 on <@Khmar> Ah okay.
16:58:30 on <@Khmar> +1 CFP
16:58:36 on <@ramkrsna> Call For papers/propsals/ presentation
16:58:45 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna, CFP will help us decide upon the availability of speaker resources as well
16:58:47 on <@anandbpillai> +10 ramkrsna :)
16:58:53 on <@Khmar> That's the clearest way of getting participations.
16:59:07 on -!- baijum3 [i=7aa7733f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1589e09eb6f8081a] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
16:59:12 on <@anandbpillai> CFP is also a good marketing tool , the web URL of the CFP is perhaps the first word out of a conf
16:59:16 on <@Khmar> If we are going to start off with a CFP, we'd need some kind of site, central point.
16:59:17 on < rmathews`> how does the CfP process work?  if we don't get responses will be have time to find alternatives?
16:59:20 on <@anandbpillai> happens most of the tim
16:59:21 on <@anandbpillai> time
16:59:23 on <@Khmar> So we'll have to work on that first.
16:59:30 on < rmathews`> in.pycon.org?
16:59:32 on < techno_freak> Important: We want a dedicated mailing list
16:59:38 on <@ramkrsna> CFP's also need have a open review process, unlike other indian conferences
16:59:42 on < rmathews`> techno_freak: no no, not yet.
16:59:49 on <@ramkrsna> I'm +1 for a Open review Process
16:59:54 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: We'll keep that on the same level as the site.
16:59:57 on < G0SUB> rmathews`: why not? (a mailing list)
16:59:58 on <@Khmar> +1 Open review process.
17:00:04 on <@Khmar> But how do we go about it?
17:00:07 on <@anandbpillai> +1 for open review, but we need a review committee then...
17:00:07 on < rmathews`> G0SUB: I might forget to join. :(
17:00:15 on < techno_freak> + for open review
17:00:17 on -!- baijum1 [i=79f53ad3@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-80a42acd0814af6b] has joined #BangPypers
17:00:17 on <@anandbpillai> can't do review in a mailing list
17:00:20 on < G0SUB> rmathews`: bah!
17:00:28 on < rmathews`> what's open review?
17:00:40 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, the pycon does a open review process. they have 3 votes for a paper to be accepted
17:00:42 on < techno_freak> everybody knows what has come, what's been selected and why
17:00:51 on < techno_freak> plus you can vote in and out a proposal
17:00:51 on <@anandbpillai> where is review done in pycon
17:00:53 on < rmathews`> review of talk proposals?  or are we asking for full fledged papers now?
17:01:03 on <@anandbpillai> i mean is there a committee ?
17:01:05 on <@Khmar> Well, a committe can be formed via our list and the wiki.
17:01:19 on <@anandbpillai> -1 rmathews none does that
17:01:23 on <@ramkrsna> anandbpillai, no, most of the volunteers do it and vote it via their conference system
17:01:25 on < techno_freak> i feel its better not to clog bangpypers mailing list
17:01:28 on <@anandbpillai> CFP are for abstracts
17:01:37 on -!- baijum2 [n=baijum@] has joined #BangPypers
17:01:37 on < techno_freak> why dont we have a google group or something
17:01:39 on <@anandbpillai> full paper is requested only towards the fag end
17:02:04 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: We can do that but let's get to that later. We're going through the process of getting papers/presentations now.
17:02:05 on <@ramkrsna> anandbpillai, its not necessary that bangpypers will review, but python community can help us with this
17:02:11 on < svaksha> iirc, lawgon said the nrcfoss conference system software was available to be reused
17:02:22 on <@Khmar> Or the pycon thing.
17:02:25 on <@ramkrsna> call for volunteers to review the papers for pycon
17:02:34 on < techno_freak> call for reviewers
17:02:38 on -!- electracool [n=chatzill@] has quit [Connection timed out]
17:02:39 on <@anandbpillai> +1 ramkrsna, but we need to decide who in the "python community" for it to be called sufficiently open
17:02:40 on < rmathews`> another idea:  all those companies listed on the wiki at python.org can be tapped for sponsorships, speakers, etc.
17:02:47 on < baijum1> PyCon software has review system
17:02:57 on < btbytes> The PyCon Conf tool is current and maintained.
17:03:02 on < btbytes> +1 for Pycon Conf tool
17:03:04 on <@anandbpillai> ramkrsna - selection of review members must be an open process
17:03:16 on <@Khmar> Hello btbytes. didn't notice you till now. :)
17:03:34 on < techno_freak> +1 for pyconf tool
17:03:35 on < rmathews`> anandbpillai: I'd say have review members, plus opinions from outsiders too.  (I'd like to have my say.)
17:03:43 on < svaksha> tell reviewers to register via the pycon system (or which ever you decide) and they can vote openly
17:03:50 on < baijum1> +1 for PyConf tool
17:03:52 on < rmathews`> svaksha: sounds good
17:03:55 on <@Khmar> +1 Pyconf tool
17:03:58 on < rmathews`> svaksha: are you Khmar?
17:04:02 on <@ramkrsna> anandbpillai, yeah. the point being, eg. I can say if a system programming proposal  is good or I will suck with web programming stuff
17:04:03 on < svaksha> no
17:04:20 on <@ramkrsna> rmathews`, lol
17:04:42 on < rmathews`> ramkrsna: they're on the wiki and mailing list, thought they were the same person
17:04:52 on <@Khmar> So, CFP via a site, get the proposals, use the pycon software to review them and shortlist. Right?
17:05:03 on < baijum1> We will require someone to setup this tool
17:05:05 on < techno_freak> right
17:05:08 on <@Khmar> rmathews`: I'm 'Noufal Ibrahim' on the list.
17:05:09 on < baijum1> any takers ?
17:05:18 on <@Khmar> baijum1: We'd need volunteers for many functional areas.
17:05:20 on <@ramkrsna> yeah, we can ask the ChiPy folks to help us out
17:05:23 on  * baijum1 is a Zope guy, no Django
17:05:33 on < G0SUB> baijum1: I am the Django guy
17:05:35 on <@Khmar> ChiPy?
17:05:43 on  * techno_freak is stuck between Pylons and Django
17:05:44 on <@ramkrsna> chicago python users group
17:05:50 on <@Khmar> k
17:06:04 on <@ramkrsna> they have been conducting pycon for the past 2 years
17:06:07 on <@Khmar> I think we'll keep the list of positions on the wiki and people can volunteer asynchronously.
17:06:11 on < techno_freak> [1] Volunteer for managing review tool? Takers
17:06:16 on  * G0SUB does the Django as a day job and beyond
17:06:25 on < G0SUB> techno_freak: I can help
17:06:41 on < techno_freak> ok G0SUB is tentatively taking care of it, who wants to join with him please do so
17:06:43 on < G0SUB> provided you have a sane, vps server
17:06:45 on < techno_freak> next..
17:06:45 on < baijum1> Khmar: that would be fine
17:06:46 on <@ramkrsna> okey G0SUB has volunteered for it
17:06:50 on -!- baijum [n=baijum@] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
17:06:57 on <@Khmar> I think we'll move on now.
17:07:02 on <@ramkrsna> G0SUB, haha uber coder to the rescue :D
17:07:04 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna, next topic?
17:07:10 on < G0SUB> ok
17:07:24 on < G0SUB> do we have a server?
17:07:36 on <@ramkrsna> CFP done
17:07:38 on < baijum1> G0SUB: We can get python.org server
17:07:42 on <@ramkrsna> Open review Process done
17:07:54 on < G0SUB> baijum1: OK. let's ask them. I will install, etc.
17:08:08 on <@Khmar> Okay...
17:08:17 on < baijum1> And they also ready to give, in.python.org domain
17:08:17 on -!- electracool_ [n=chatzill@] has left #bangpypers []
17:08:20 on <@Khmar> Money matters.
17:08:25 on <@Khmar> What kind of budget are we looking at?
17:08:27 on < G0SUB> baijum1: nice
17:08:38 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna, do you have anything else other than sponsorship?
17:08:45 on <@ramkrsna> techno_freak, yeah
17:08:52 on <@Khmar> ramkrsna: Out with it! :)
17:09:04 on < techno_freak> still to come - Sponsorship, Goodies, Media
17:09:04 on < baijum1> BTW, PSF has some funding for local conf. but just don't depend on it
17:09:05 on <@ramkrsna> Types of talks:: Full Length, short/lighting talks, Tutorials
17:09:16 on <@ramkrsna> Sprints
17:09:21 on <@Khmar> ramkrsna: + sprints
17:09:24 on <@Khmar> Ah okay.
17:09:27 on < techno_freak> what proporions
17:09:47 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: As they come in. I don't expect too many so we don't want to publish proportions upfront.
17:09:49 on <@ramkrsna> techno_freak, as in time durations
17:09:53 on < techno_freak> yes
17:09:54 on <@ramkrsna> ?
17:10:05 on < techno_freak> or what's the % of importance
17:10:06 on <@Khmar> What do you think?
17:10:25 on < techno_freak> Khmar, when you make a CFP you also need to say what are the diff type of expectations
17:10:32 on < G0SUB> 1 hr, 30 mins, 10 mins
17:10:33 on < rmathews`> this has been fun, but I'm sleepy ... Khmar, you'll be posting minutes or something similar to the list right?
17:10:46 on <@ramkrsna> another thing, do the tutorail owners wanna charge for the tutorial they are doing
17:10:59 on <@Khmar> Oh yes. I think we can do that techno_freak. I just do't want to decide right now that we'll have 'x' full length and 'y' lightning.
17:11:00 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: eww! none will pay.
17:11:03 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna, you mean separate paid tutorials
17:11:16 on <@Khmar> rmathews`: I will.
17:11:20 on < techno_freak> Khmar, not x or y, like what ramkrsna said
17:11:22 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: this whole paid thingy won't work in India
17:11:28 on <@Khmar> Yes. Lengths etc.
17:11:33 on -!- rmathews` [n=rm@] has quit ["rcirc on GNU Emacs"]
17:11:36 on <@ramkrsna> G0SUB, A nominal amount rs 800/- 1000/-
17:11:38 on <@Khmar> G0SUB: It might if there's someone offerring a certificate.
17:11:47 on < G0SUB> Khmar: lol
17:11:50 on < techno_freak> lol
17:11:51 on <@ramkrsna> that might filterout unwanted luckers
17:11:55 on <@Khmar> I don't think we need to say no to that but I don't expect too many.
17:11:56 on < G0SUB> Khmar: we can... btw.
17:12:15 on <@Khmar> Ah yes.
17:12:19 on <@Khmar> Do we have a registration fee?
17:12:25 on < techno_freak> of course
17:12:28 on < baijum1> +1 for charging a nominal  fee
17:12:38 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, yeah for different kinds a audience
17:12:39 on < techno_freak> anything given free in india is considered low of quality
17:12:51 on <@Khmar> Purely to reduce unwanted crowd.
17:12:55 on < techno_freak> as well
17:12:56 on < G0SUB> techno_freak: like free software :) lol!
17:12:59 on <@ramkrsna> students, unemployed can get a discount
17:13:00 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: Like free sofware?
17:13:05 on < svaksha> Khmar: reg fee for audience ?
17:13:06 on <@anandbpillai> ok, folks, was on the phone
17:13:10 on -!- Sup3rkiddo [n=sudharsh@unaffiliated/sudharsh] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
17:13:10 on -!- mib_x3pwqu [i=7c7dbd2e@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-d53a866ad1bd9232] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
17:13:10 on < techno_freak> G0SUB, Free software confused with free ware ;)
17:13:24 on <@anandbpillai> this is a good start, but i need to leave, so will take it up from the logs posted on the mailing list later
17:13:29 on <@Khmar> Unemployed meaning, they don't have an employee id. Makes sense. :)
17:13:31 on <@Khmar> Sure anandbpillai
17:13:33 on < techno_freak> anandbpillai, sure
17:13:33 on < G0SUB> techno_freak: aren't they the same thing?
17:13:37 on -!- anandology [n=anandolo@] has joined #bangpypers
17:13:39 on -!- anandbpillai [i=7d108523@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-fad762216ab955be] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
17:13:41 on <@Khmar> wb anandology
17:13:42 on < techno_freak> that's what everybody thinks
17:13:57 on <@Khmar> Okay. Let's not get into Free software terminology here.
17:14:00 on <@Khmar> +1 for reg. fee.
17:14:01 on <@ramkrsna> G0SUB, there are some professional python tutors here
17:14:08 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: hmm
17:14:09 on < techno_freak> actually you cant fix delegate fees until you know sponsorship and cost
17:14:14 on < baijum1> Can we accept donation ?
17:14:17 on -!- artagnon [i=cb6ef315@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-71871da58912af70] has joined #BangPypers
17:14:22 on < techno_freak> baijum1, sure :)
17:14:25 on <@Khmar> Do we have anything like stalls or something?
17:14:25 on <@ramkrsna> G0SUB, so we can ask them to have reduced rates for PyCom
17:14:34 on < techno_freak> good point Khmar
17:14:36 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: may be
17:14:49 on < techno_freak> Are we allowing paid stalls? if so, to whom? conditions?
17:14:53 on <@Khmar> There might be professional tutoris like ramkrsna said who might be interested in pitching themselves.
17:15:03 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: Highest bidder. ;)
17:15:19 on < techno_freak> you dont want someone unrelated being allowed
17:15:27 on <@ramkrsna> G0SUB, that will give them an audiance to reachout and a professional atmosphere for the conference itself
17:15:27 on < G0SUB> Khmar: yeah, and what will ramkrsna teach?
17:15:41 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: makes sense
17:15:49 on <@ramkrsna> G0SUB, :q! a quick guide to emacs perhaps
17:15:55 on < techno_freak> ha ha
17:15:56 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: If they pay enough, we can make it related. :)
17:15:57 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: lol
17:16:02 on <@Khmar> Kidding.
17:16:04 on <@Khmar> But seriously...
17:16:16 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: make that an intro to viper mode. i bet you can do that well.
17:16:16 on <@Khmar> Do we want stalls at all? Will they kill the atmosphere?
17:16:26 on <@Khmar> Perhaps a general area where people can pitch commercial services?
17:16:38 on <@Khmar> Rather than formal stalls.
17:16:39 on < techno_freak> commercial with relation to python :P
17:16:50 on < techno_freak> or hunt for people to fill their python jobs ;)
17:16:53 on < baijum2> Sponsors may ask for Stalls
17:16:56 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: Yes. I expect it will mostly be training and we can't really police them.
17:17:02 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: That's a good thing. Isn't it?
17:17:11 on <@Khmar> baijum2: Good point.
17:17:16 on < techno_freak> Python training is no problem for us
17:17:22 on < techno_freak> baijum1, they will of course
17:17:26 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, an Industry tack is not a bad idea at all
17:17:30 on <@ramkrsna> track
17:17:45 on < techno_freak> actually we need one, to show that we indeed have python jobs, really good ones
17:18:00 on <@ramkrsna> how companies use python in their mainstream business
17:18:11 on <@Khmar> Ah. A track is a good idea. I was thinking of an open area with some small stalls, open boards, chairs etc where the people can pitch their services but 
                     making it a track is good reuse of infrastructure.
17:18:17 on < jace> back, briefly
17:18:27 on < rmz102> sorry to interrupt, how many bangalore guys are here?
17:18:31 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: Yes. I think it's a good thing to advertise the business value of the language.
17:18:45 on <@Khmar> Works as evangelism.
17:18:50 on <@Khmar> Can I get a vote on the stalls thing?
17:19:13 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, stall are not a bad idea, as long as they give out swags with pycon india logo in them ;-)
17:19:14 on < techno_freak> we will think about it when venue gets fixed ;)
17:19:24 on < G0SUB> btw, I am going to talk on list comprehensions, iterators and generators. if somebody else was thinking the same, you might as well **** off :)
17:19:24 on < techno_freak> Stickers!!!!!
17:19:25 on < rmz102> Khmar:Stall will also depend on the venue
17:19:35 on < techno_freak> G0SUB, LOL
17:19:42 on < G0SUB> dibs on that topic.
17:19:47 on <@ramkrsna> G0SUB, send in a CFP, we'll decide
17:19:51 on <@Khmar> rmz102: or a comparable equivalent.
17:20:03 on <@Khmar> rmz102: We could make them desks if we're at a college.
17:20:05 on < G0SUB> ramkrsna: yeah, right :)
17:20:11 on <@Khmar> I'm more interested in what people think of the idea.
17:20:14 on < techno_freak> baijum1, get lots of stickers from PyCon :D
17:20:37 on < G0SUB> baijum1: are you attending PyCon?
17:20:38 on < baijum2> techno_freak: Sure :)
17:20:42 on <@Khmar> Or should we just have a 'industry' track and keep that part of the whole conference. That will be good for the show but I think sponsors will want more 
                     like baijum2 said.
17:20:46 on <@ramkrsna> okey now lets move to the next topic " Venue City "
17:20:47 on < techno_freak> i have one ramkrsna brought last year
17:20:52 on < baijum2> G0SUB: yes, we three from BangPypers
17:20:53 on < jace> imo, content areas of the event: (a) newbies -- introduction to what is already standard, (b) technical -- for people interested in python itself, and (c) 
                    application -- how python gets used in the real world. i'm myself an application guy. i've made no contributions to core python and am unlikely to do so, 
                    but i will have good application stories. foss/no-foss is secondary to this main categorisation.
17:21:00 on < techno_freak> Venue City = Bangalore, decided isn't it?
17:21:01 on < jace> and now, gone again.
17:21:03 on < G0SUB> baijum1: who else?
17:21:06 on < baijum2> G0SUB: btbytes & Senthil
17:21:14 on < G0SUB> baijum1: nice
17:21:18 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: Yes
17:21:21 on <@ramkrsna> techno_freak, fall back city ;-)
17:21:24 on <@ramkrsna> chennai
17:21:34 on < techno_freak> ya, but we need lawgon for that
17:21:36 on -!- artagnon [i=cb6ef315@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-71871da58912af70] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
17:21:39 on < baijum2> +1 for stalls for first two level sponsors (Pltinum & Gold)
17:21:44 on <@Khmar> I don' ttihnk we're done with te Stalls discussion yet.
17:21:52 on -!- mib_xqxfme [i=4366a721@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-d397ce4c6c328ebd] has joined #BangPypers
17:21:56 on <@Khmar> +1 Stalls myself.
17:21:58 on <@Khmar> any others?
17:22:01 on < techno_freak> Khmar, stalls on the next stage as venue sponsors get fixed up
17:22:10 on <@ramkrsna> okey Bangalore for the venue
17:22:15 on <@ramkrsna> +1 for bangalore
17:22:15 on < techno_freak> stalls are inevitable and we will discuss that as it matures
17:22:30 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: We can always adapt them based on venue. The question is whether we should give sponsors special areas for their own pitches during the 
                     conference or not?
17:22:38 on <@Khmar> Makes sense techno_freak
17:22:42 on <@Khmar> So, we're done with that.
17:22:45 on < techno_freak> Khmar, sponsors will ask for stalls, they're giving money
17:22:47 on <@Khmar> Venue city. Bangalore.
17:22:48 on <@ramkrsna> techno_freak, stalls are good for industry PR
17:22:53 on < baijum2> What about stalls for different Python User Groups ?
17:22:58 on -!- anandology [n=anandolo@] has quit []
17:22:59 on <@Khmar> Okay. We're having Stalls.
17:23:12 on < techno_freak> baijum1, we have 2, 3? i think one is enough for PUG
17:23:15 on < baijum2> we don't have many user groups...
17:23:24 on <@Khmar> baijum2: If enough of them show up with stallworthy crowd. One guy in a stall is a waste of space.
17:23:42 on < techno_freak> we will have on spot resgistration to mailing list :P
17:23:51 on <@Khmar> We can have a stall or something for 'local user groups' or something.
17:24:00 on <@Khmar> What else?
17:24:10 on <@Khmar> svaksha: You logging this?
17:24:11 on < techno_freak> ok who's handling Media?
17:24:12 on < baijum2> I agree
17:24:24 on < techno_freak> we need more advertisement
17:24:27 on < svaksha> Khmar: http://wiki.python.org/moin/BangPypers/IRCLogs/2009March03
17:24:29 on <@Khmar>  :::: Media/Advertising ::::
17:24:35 on  * baijum2 agreed one stall for alll groups idea by Khmar
17:24:42 on <@ramkrsna> jace, we did discuss about a newbie, intermediate and expert tracks.   for students, developers, sys admins
17:25:03 on < techno_freak> We need Media Volunteers
17:25:14 on  * techno_freak looks at svaksha 
17:25:21 on < jace> ramkrsna: that's different. content level vs type
17:25:22 on  * svaksha can help partly
17:25:22 on  * ramkrsna looks at rmz102 
17:25:23 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: I think the details can be worked out on the mailing list.
17:25:39 on <@Khmar> But we need some overall view.
17:25:44 on < rmz102> ok we will give 2-3 magazines providing ads
17:25:47 on  * G0SUB leaves. will read the list.
17:25:49 on <@Khmar> Especially for the formal channels like mags.
17:25:54 on <@Khmar> Later G0SUB
17:25:56 on < rmz102> DIQ, LFY I will talk to few others
17:25:59 on < jace> anyway, i'll get back on that on the list
17:26:01 on < G0SUB> Khmar: ciao
17:26:05 on -!- G0SUB [n=ghoseb@ubuntu/member/gosub] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
17:26:20 on < baijum2> Khmar: any more topics ?
17:26:25 on <@Khmar> rmz102: Can you own that up atleast tentatively?
17:26:33 on < svaksha> by advertising do you  mean writeups about the event or something else ? juts to be clear
17:26:33 on < rmz102> ok
17:26:36 on < svaksha> just*
17:26:44 on <@Khmar> baijum2: Yes. What kind of money are we looking at? We need to get a top level number so that we know what to try to raise.
17:26:46 on < rmz102> We can have 3-4 magazines as media partners
17:26:54 on < techno_freak> svaksha, mainly to let as many people to know about the event, it will attract sponsors
17:26:56 on < rmz102> so they give free ads/write ups
17:26:56 on <@Khmar> baijum2: And we need a date to decide whether this thing is going to fly or not.
17:26:56 on  * svaksha assumes its called media publicity
17:27:04 on <@ramkrsna> that will be great
17:27:12 on < rmz102> you give them space to display magazines
17:27:13 on < jace> do people read tech mags anymore?
17:27:15 on <@Khmar> svaksha: I think you and rmz102 should discuss that. What do you guys think?
17:27:24 on < techno_freak> +1
17:27:26 on  * Khmar not very media saavy. I don't read mags and don't have a TV. :)
17:27:32 on  * svaksha can help with media publicity
17:27:33 on < baijum2> +1
17:27:53 on < rmz102> I can help you with the sponsors
17:27:56 on <@Khmar> rmz102: You're good that this. :)
17:27:57 on < techno_freak> so if you want to involve in media/plublicity poke svaksha or rmz102
17:28:06 on <@Khmar> Okay. That's settled.
17:28:12 on <@ramkrsna> +1.
17:28:13 on < rmz102> if we have clear plans on the exact funds to be raised
17:28:21 on <@Khmar> I must say this is a breeze to moderate. You guys are really cool. :)
17:28:28 on <@Khmar> Let's try to arrive at something...
17:28:30 on < jace> asking google for adsense sponsorship may work better than magazines
17:28:44 on <@Khmar> How much does it cost to rent IISc. facilities for 3 days? Roughly?
17:28:46 on < rmz102> jace: I agree
17:28:55 on <@Khmar> + computer facilities
17:28:57 on < rmz102> IISC will be about 1.2 L
17:29:01 on < rmz102> for 3 days
17:29:02 on <@Khmar> + accomodatio for people
17:29:03 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, IISC has issues with commercial stalls, stalls
17:29:03 on < techno_freak> define IISc facility, you mean Tata audi?
17:29:06 on < rmz102> that is just JN Tata
17:29:20 on < rmz102> my rate offer is 2 years old
17:29:21 on <@Khmar> We'll need more than just TN Tata. won't we?
17:29:23 on < techno_freak> JN tata doesnt allow commercial ventures
17:29:27 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, IISC is good venue, but are we expecting that a big crowd
17:29:40 on < rmz102> JN tata offers commercial stuff
17:29:45 on < techno_freak> tata is enough one big hall and 3 small ones, grounds, lot of places to hand around, but..
17:29:46 on <@Khmar> ramkrsna: Well, I'm just trying to get a figure of our cost.
17:29:53 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: but?
17:30:02 on <@Khmar> The suspense is killing me. :)
17:30:03 on <@ramkrsna> techno_freak, "venue and sponsorship for next topic to be discussed
17:30:06 on <@ramkrsna> next week
17:30:06 on  * svaksha sleeps
17:30:09 on < techno_freak> but they dont allow selling stuff, they throw away people at 7.30 pm
17:30:21 on <@ramkrsna> yeah
17:30:23 on <@Khmar> Hmmm.
17:30:35 on < rmz102> I am not sure about 7.30 Pm
17:30:37 on <@Khmar> Do we have any venues that will allow late night stuff?
17:30:45 on < techno_freak> yes they do, i have been foss.in volunteer :P
17:30:46 on < rmz102> but no one is selling anything that is billing
17:30:56 on <@Khmar> ramkrsna: That will be too far away. I think we shoul dhave enough stuff generated here to beat around on the list. :)
17:31:14 on < jace> why not an overnight venue on the outskirts? plenty choices these days
17:31:25 on <@Khmar> jace: Like?
17:31:29 on < rmz102> St Joseph's cpogge PG has a decent auditoriaum will house 200 people
17:31:34 on < rmz102> and a min auditorium
17:31:45 on < rmz102> and you cant get a central place
17:31:54 on < jace> visthar, fireflies or the place info-activism camp used
17:32:12 on <@Khmar> Interesting jace. Can you post some more details?
17:32:13 on < jace> or the nimhans audi
17:32:16 on -!- dynamicproxy [n=dynamicp@] has joined #bangpypers
17:32:33 on < jace> Khmar: later? eating; left-fingered now
17:32:45 on <@Khmar> jace: Sure. On the list perhaps. :)
17:32:48 on <@ramkrsna> jace, +1 fireflies
17:33:29 on <@Khmar> Okay.. alternate venues.
17:33:31 on <@Khmar> But let's say..
17:33:34 on <@Khmar> 1.5 L for 3 days
17:33:38 on < rmz102> nimhans is pretty good
17:33:45 on < rmz102> 1 l per day
17:33:49 on <@Khmar> What about for computers and stuff? What do we need?
17:33:55 on < rmz102> for main hall
17:33:59 on < jace> Khmar: 1.5L is a lot of money for the venue
17:34:17 on <@ramkrsna> can somebody post a mail regarding the possible venue and cost
17:34:19 on < techno_freak> think it's TIME UP, we will meet again to discuss on a specific topic born out of this discussion
17:34:19 on <@Khmar> rmz102 said that JN Tata is 1.1L per day
17:34:23 on < rmz102> + 3 halls
17:34:29 on <@Khmar> Okay...
17:34:41 on <@ramkrsna> we will also need bandwidth for the conference
17:34:41 on <@Khmar> I'll send a mail summarising our discussion and we can decide what to do from there
17:34:42 on < techno_freak> please collect details on whatever possible
17:34:45 on < techno_freak> in the mean time
17:34:53 on < techno_freak> so we have more solid data next time
17:35:08 on  * baijum2 just listening
17:35:12 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna, was it decent enough at foss.in this time?
17:35:14 on <@ramkrsna> o possibility of technology sponsor :: hadrware, bandwidth
17:35:21 on < rmz102> Guys, the rate for Nimhans is 1 L per day you get 1 main halls and 3 smaller halls
17:35:22 on < techno_freak> i was thinking of that
17:35:23 on <@Khmar> ramkrsna: that's a good point.
17:35:28 on <@Khmar> rmz102: Okay.
17:35:34 on <@Khmar> So that's 3L let's say.
17:35:34 on -!- falcon74 [i=7bed8aea@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-999bc88356ead6f7] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
17:35:37 on <@ramkrsna> techno_freak, no they got half the bandwidth they were promised
17:35:42 on < techno_freak> ahh
17:35:47 on <@Khmar> What other costs will we incur?
17:35:51 on < rmz102> JN Tata is about 1.1 L plus but they give discounts for Linux conferences
17:35:54 on < techno_freak> logistics
17:35:54 on < techno_freak> food
17:36:02 on -!- mj0vy [n=mj0vy@] has left #bangpypers []
17:36:07 on <@Khmar> logistics... How much?
17:36:14 on <@Khmar> accomodation for foreign people,
17:36:19 on <@Khmar> travel arrangements.
17:36:21 on < techno_freak> depends upon the venue and stuff
17:36:31 on <@Khmar> Venue is let's say IISc.
17:36:43 on <@Khmar> I just want to get an idea so that we can do some calculations.
17:36:56 on < jace> Khmar: we've done 8 barcamps now with zero cost for venue. community goodwill goes a long way if tapped well.
17:37:10 on <@Khmar> that's cool.
17:37:22 on < jace> even the bal bhawan in cubbon park is available for hire and can happily seat 300.
17:37:23 on <@ramkrsna> jace, IIM is also a decent venue
17:37:28 on < jace> we did an event there once.
17:37:40 on <@ramkrsna> yeah the world information city ?
17:37:44 on <@ramkrsna> 2005
17:37:49 on < rmz102> well a conference will cost a lot; unconferences dont
17:37:50 on < jace> ramkrsna: IIM will want a business management angle to the event if they are to give it free
17:37:59 on < jace> ramkrsna: yeah, WIC
17:38:05 on < jace> rmz102: venue != scheduling
17:38:07 on <@Khmar> We'll need someplace that can shield people from the heat actually.
17:38:20 on < jace> unconferences are un-scheduled, not un-located.
17:38:20 on < techno_freak> september is heat?
17:38:28 on <@ramkrsna> rain
17:38:31 on < lut4rp> shouldn't be that hot down south?
17:38:35 on < techno_freak> bloody rain here
17:39:00 on <@Khmar> heat/rain. I meant weather.
17:39:11 on <@Khmar> Okay.
17:39:21 on <@Khmar> I think we need to discuss more to get at money figures.
17:39:21 on < techno_freak> we need to look at other things, commute, connectivity, etc.
17:39:31 on <@Khmar> NExt meeting is probably mostly money discusssions. Thats good.
17:39:33 on <@ramkrsna> I guess we'll take another discussion on venues in bangalore + sponsorship in the next session
17:39:34 on < techno_freak> you can't really arrive at money
17:39:37 on <@Khmar> Shall we reture?
17:39:38 on <@ramkrsna> how about thrusday
17:39:41 on <@ramkrsna> ?
17:39:45 on <@Khmar> The day after?
17:39:49 on <@Khmar> We'll propose it on the list.
17:39:55 on < jace> connectivity will improve the more we wait
17:39:56 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna, thursday on what? we need to focus on topics from now onwards
17:40:03 on < baijum2> Thursday is fine for me
17:40:04 on <@ramkrsna> everything goes on the list
17:40:05 on < jace> already gprs is getting up to broadband speeds consistently
17:40:11 on <@Khmar> Okay.
17:40:13 on <@Khmar> So it's settled then.
17:40:21 on <@Khmar> We'll stop the discussion now.
17:40:25 on < techno_freak> Thursday 8.30 PM
17:40:26 on <@Khmar> I'll send the summary.
17:40:29 on < jace> Khmar: +1
17:40:34 on < rmz102> can we have a discussion on the choices arrived on the list
17:40:37 on < lut4rp> which list are we talking about here?
17:40:40 on < rmz102> and then take it up
17:40:41 on <@Khmar> techno_freak: I'll propose that. If everyone's fine, we can go ahead.
17:40:49 on <@Khmar> lut4rp: The bangalore python user group list
17:40:58 on <@ramkrsna> techno_freak, "venue" " rough estimation of the costs", "potential sponsors"
17:40:59 on < rmz102> guys leaving now
17:41:04 on <@Khmar> rmz102: I'll summarise what we have and send it.
17:41:06 on <@ramkrsna> rmz102, thanks for joining
17:41:07 on <@Khmar> rmz102: Bye
17:41:09 on < lut4rp> I see.
17:41:10 on <@Khmar> and thanks
17:41:11 on -!- rmz102 [n=ramdas@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
17:41:17 on <@Khmar> Okay...
17:41:17 on -!- techno_freak changed the topic of #bangpypers to: Welcome to #BangPypers -- Bangalore Python Users Group | http://wiki.python.org/moin/BangPypers | Proposal 
          for PyCon India - http://wiki.python.org/moin/ProposalForPyConIndia |  IRC Discussion for PyCon - Meeting II - March 5th 8:30 PM IST (tentative) |
17:41:18 on < lut4rp> Should we have a dedicated list for this?
17:41:38 on <@Khmar> lut4rp: We probably will make one.
17:41:51 on <@ramkrsna> lut4rp, we are discussing it on the bangpypers list for the timebeing
17:41:57 on <@Khmar> Okay.
17:42:01 on <@Khmar> We're done then.
17:42:01 on < lut4rp> OK.
17:42:06 on <@Khmar> Thanks everyone for joining.
17:42:08 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, yeah
17:42:10 on < lut4rp> woot!
17:42:25 on <@Khmar> lut4rp: That's w00t
17:42:35 on < baijum2> Thanks Khmar !
17:42:45 on < lut4rp> l33t h4x0r...
17:42:47 on < lut4rp> :P
17:43:06 on <@ramkrsna> svaksha, techno_freak thanks for moderating and logging
17:43:12 on <@Khmar> Emacs h4x0r-region
17:43:14 on <@ramkrsna> lut4rp, http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/bangpypers
17:43:15 on < svaksha> yw
17:43:18 on < techno_freak> ramkrsna, always :)
17:43:31 on <@Khmar> Yeah. Thanks svaksha techno_freak ramkrsna and everyone else.
17:43:33 on < lut4rp> thanks ramkrsna
17:43:48 on <@ramkrsna> jace, you can post the content vs the track once the minutes are out
17:43:59 on < jace> ramkrsna: will do
17:44:10 on -!- becomingGuru [i=7c7baaf3@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-ea55222b72193947] has joined #BangPypers
17:44:13 on < jace> ramkrsna: btw, OT, but i have good pictures from dhanolti. yet to process and upload.
17:44:14 on <@ramkrsna> svaksha, post the logs to the wiki and pass the link to mailing list
17:44:25 on < svaksha> ramkrsna: its already done
17:44:30 on <@ramkrsna> jace, same here
17:44:34 on <@ramkrsna> svaksha, cool
17:44:43 on <@ramkrsna> thanks folks for joining
17:44:45 on < svaksha> http://wiki.python.org/moin/BangPypers/IRCLogs/2009March03
17:44:51 on <@Khmar> *yawn*
17:45:03 on <@Khmar> ttyl
17:45:09 on <@ramkrsna> good to end the day on a happy note
17:45:18 on <@ramkrsna> print 'iHappy'
17:45:23 on < becomingGuru> oops, I just joined when the chat is over :)
17:45:33 on < lut4rp> becomingGuru: see the logs.
17:45:43 on -!- baijum [n=baijum@] has joined #BangPypers
17:45:58 on < becomingGuru> lut4rp: Where from? sorry.
17:46:16 on < lut4rp> becomingGuru: http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/bangpypers
17:46:17 on <@ramkrsna> becomingGuru, http://wiki.python.org/moin/BangPypers/IRCLogs/2009March03
17:46:23 on < lut4rp> oops.
17:46:25 on < becomingGuru> Got it, Thanks lut4rp and svaksha
17:46:40 on < lut4rp> becomingGuru: the link that ramkrsna gave :-)
17:46:42 on < lut4rp> not mine.
17:46:45 on <@ramkrsna> okey lets have a general introduction of the folks here
17:46:58 on  * lut4rp is God.
17:47:09 on  * ramkrsna is satan
17:47:17 on < lut4rp> muhaha
17:47:19 on -!- baijum1 [i=79f53ad3@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-80a42acd0814af6b] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
17:47:37 on -!- baijum1 [i=7aa76282@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-7bc73f33e5c564d5] has joined #BangPypers
17:47:41 on < becomingGuru> Ok my name is Lakshman, I am a web app developer and partner at http://uswaretech.com
17:47:46 on -!- baijum1 [i=7aa76282@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-7bc73f33e5c564d5] has quit [Client Quit]
17:48:08 on < becomingGuru> ramkrsna: You?
17:48:44 on < lut4rp> oh well, I'm Pratul, still in my 6th semester of CS Engineering and a f/ossy hacker
17:48:45 on <@ramkrsna> ramkrsna, I'm ramky, from the Indlinux Project, I also work at Red hat
17:49:06 on <@ramkrsna> Khmar, ?
17:49:09 on < lut4rp> ooh Red Hat.
17:49:15 on < lut4rp> ramkrsna: what do you do at RH?

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