Asking for Help: with newton force calculator


N = newton force,
M = Mass,
X = X axis,
Z = Z axis,
Y = Y axis,
YR = Yaw,
PR = Pitch,
RR = Roll,
XA = X axis acceleration,
ZA = Z axis acceleration,
YA = Y axis acceleration,
YRA = Yaw acceleration,
PRA = Pitch acceleration,
RRA = Roll acceleration,
obj = 3D object

get values from main app:

obj_Main.M = 3000 MTons,
obj_thruster is parented to obj_main,
obj_thruster.X = 10,
obj_thruster.Z = 20,
obj_thruster.Y = 30, 
obj_thruster.YR = 90,
obj_thruster.PR = 180,
obj_thruster.RR = 270,
Obj_thruster.N.X = 400 MTons

calculate acceleration:

Need help finding code to go here

the calculator gives me

out put to main app:


I will run the calculator once for every thruster on the obj. Add them together and get haw the object moves in space. then do it again and add both to see how fast the obj is moving now. And where it has moved to. this way I can set the obj to travel though space in a realistic way not this unrealistic follow the path key framed fashion.

I have tried to find to find the formulas need to due this for days. I'm new to python but the program i'm trying to right this plugin for just started using python and it is simple enough for me to work with. Please please help.

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