Asking for Help: Python ISO-8859-1 encoding problem

Hi all,

I'm facing a huge encoding problem in Python when dealing with ISO-8859-1 / Latin-1 character set.

When using os.listdir to get the contents of a folder I'm getting the strings encoded in ISO-8859-1 (ex: Ol\xe1 Mundo), however in the Python interpreter the same string is encoded to a different charset:

In : 'Olá Mundo'.decode('latin-1')

Out: u'Ol\xa0 Mundo'

How can I force Python to decode the string to the same format. I've seen that os.listdir is returning the strings correctly encoded but the interpreter is not ('á' character corresponds to '\xe1' in ISO-8859-1, not to '\xa0'):

This is happening

Any thoughts on how to overcome ?

Some questions:

In my console, doing 'Olá Mundo'.decode('latin-1') gives u'Ol\xe1 Mundo', but then my locale looks like this:

>>> from locale import *
>>> setlocale(LC_ALL, "")
>>> getlocale(LC_ALL)
('en_US', 'ISO8859-15')

The latin-1 encoding is virtually the same as this one. Maybe you should see which locale you're using. -- PaulBoddie 2011-11-13 17:16:11

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