Asking for Help: Embedding Python core to iOS application

I trying to make minimal part of Python to work as part (static library) of my iOS application for internal scripting. I used configure under Mac OS X(10.7) and it was successful. Then I got compilable and linkable XCode project very fast. The problem is, when I trying to use Python by Py_NoSiteFlag=1; Py_Initialize(); it fails with error "Fatal Python error: exceptions bootstrapping error." inside _PyExc_Init(). I tried to debug it, but unfortunately I cant understand why it fails. May be bacause I noob in Python source, but anyway, I need to port it. Tried 2.7.3, or latest 3.x, it was the same result as above. Any solution or hint will be very helpful.

Best Regards, Dmitry Stepanushkin


P.S. I found solution by myself.

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