How to store information in variable arrays?

How would I store information in variables that I can go back later and compare? Such as

   1 x = 1
   2 text = []
   3 while x <= 10:
   4      text.append(int(raw_input("Enter a number: ")))
   5      x = x + 1
   7 for x in range(10): 
   8     print text[x]

I just need to do this to compare a history to make sure a number hasn't already been entered earlier. But this is just a small example. I get nasty errors.


edit: that should work now We initialize a list first with text = []. Then we just append each element to that list.

You can use the in operator:

   1 if number in text:
   2     print "Number already entered!"

If you choose to use a set instead of a list...

   1 text = set()

...then the above test still works, but you'll use the add method on the set when adding numbers, not an append method.

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