How can "normal" users report bugs in Python or the documentation?

The best way to submit bug reports for Python is to use the bug reporting page of the Python project. You will need to be logged into the bug tracker site. That may mean you will have to sign up, but it's not difficult. The decision to not allow anonymous bug reports was made because so many reports were incomplete and required further input from the submitter. This was impossible with anonymous reports. All we could do was close such reports.

lwickjr: That's fine for people who are "power-users" *AND* have convenient web access at the time the bug is discovered. What about people who do *NOT* know how to use the bug tracker or do *NOT* have Internet access when they're using Python?

I'm sorry that the mechanisms aren't convenient for all people 24x7. Anyone can learn how to use Roundup. Submitting an item to the tracker is the only way to ensure it doesn't get lost. This is open source. There's no toll-free phone support available.

lwickjr: What about an official e-mail drop-box for people whose Internet access does not coincide with their Python usage?

JesseWeinstein: Why should such a drop-box be official? I think it would be a wonderful idea for someone to set up a email address where people could send bug reports and publicize it. The mail to that address would then be read by the organizer, who could file bugs in the bug tracker for the reports which were sufficiently complete to be useful. To publicize it, they could just list the address here, on the wiki. And the best thing is, anyone could do this. Including, if you are willing and able, yourself, lwickjr.

lwickjr 2024-02-28 03:40:11:

If someone were to do that, it would be "official" for as long as the volunteer manned the drop-box, no?

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