Apologies for mishandling the misplaced question on BeginnersGuide/Overview. I agree that's not the right place for Q&A, but I was trying to answer the anonymous question in a way the author might find the answer without having to be wiki-literate.

Unfortunately, it took me some time to understand your comment: "Question answered by doc/faq/installed.txt." Apparently this refers to, with a .html extension. Admittedly I'm not a Python guru, but if I took several minutes to understand this comment, the original author of the question might have just given up (presuming [s]he saw the comment at all, which presumes enough wiki-familiarity to check the history to figure out why the question was deleted!).

I'm 100% for putting everything in its place; I'm just not sure that a wiki-inexperienced person with this question would be able to find the answer given your response. So if the wiki isn't partially intended to help newbie end-users find answers to their questions, maybe I don't understand the purpose of the wiki very well.

(And sorry if this isn't the way to do a "Talk" page. I'm new to moin. Please teach me if there's a better way.)

Cheers, Philip - 2005-09-21

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