Ali Tavallaie

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I'm a passionate Python developer and a core member of TehPug, a community fostering knowledge sharing among Python enthusiasts. Visit my blog for more insights and updates on Python and technology: TechBend Blog.


My Python Libraries


ezkernel - A simple CLI wrapper to manage Jupyter kernels. It simplifies the process of creating, managing, and switching between Jupyter kernels.


pyreveal - A Python library designed to simplify the creation of presentations using Reveal.js.


leanforge - A Django package that helps businesses create and refine Lean Canvas Business Plans. It includes tools, models, and templates to integrate Lean Canvas functionality into Django projects.


auto-dns - A DNS Python Library supporting dynamic DNS in clouds, facilitating the management of DNS records.


nemosyne - (Work in Progress) An S3 command-line manager enhancing user control over file management in the AWS ecosystem.


* TehPug: Core member involved in organizing events, workshops, and meetups to promote Python learning and collaboration.

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