A framework for WebProgramming.





1.40 (2010-03-15)


Albatross uses a Open Source BSD-like license that permits most uses.

Unix and Windows
Python versions
Python 2.2 and up

Deployment Platforms

Allows programs to be deployed as CGI, FastCGI, mod_python or stand-alone applications on either Unix or Windows. Applications can be coded as monolithic scripts or as a collection of page modules. Switching deployment methods can be achieved by changing less than 10 lines of code.

A number of server and client side session schemes are supported.


Albatross is particularly suited to building small stateful web applications quickly, but also scales well to large applications.

Development Interfaces

Albatross functionality is provided via a collection of mixin classes which provide variant implementations of common functional areas. There are also a collection of pre-packed classes which combine the basic mixins to implement commonly used functionality.

If any aspect of the functionality does not suit your needs you are encouraged to substitute your own mixin classes.

Environment Access

Albatross applications are a collection of Python modules and HTML template files. All code and templates are stored in the host file system.

Session, Identification and Authentication

Albatross session functionality is provided by a combination of application and execution context mixins. The supplied mixins support the following session options.

All session ids are randomly generated 64 bit numbers using /dev/urandom if available falling back to random module.

Persistence Support

No support provided - just use your favourite DB-API modules.

Presentation Support

Albatross uses a DTML like templating scheme. The more interesting templating functions are:


Albatross is a toolkit for developing highly stateful web applications.


Object Craft (the developers of Albatross) are committed to ongoing maintenance and enhancement of Albatross as they use it in a number of their consulting projects.

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