Starting and Running a Successful Python User Group


Discuss the resources available to user groups, such as mailing lists hosts, free wikis and blogs. Mention that user groups can be listed on, with and also Craig's list. Discuss how to reach out and find people, advise patience for growth, and suggest various group activities. When you can't find a speaker, suggest other activities that can be done on a spur of the moment.

Finding a Meeting Place

Spreading the Word

  • example flyers and places to post them
  • where to announce
  • newsletters or podcasts or summary reports
  • producing club t-shirts

Establishing Services Online

  • mailing list
  • wiki
  • subversion repository

What To Do At Your Meetings

  • arranging speakers
  • starting group projects
  • teaching a class
  • a selection of good videos (video can be watched as a group, audios less so)

Making Your Group Succeed

  • what makes a usergroup succeed
  • what makes a usergroup fail
  • the importance of consistency
  • about legal issues
  • best practices
  • suggested reading list

With a few new local Python user groups getting off the ground, it's worth reminding ourselves that o'Reilly offer good support to groups who register with them.

Full details are at You have to register your group (not too onerous) and in return you can get

  • review copies of o'Reilly books
  • discounts on o'Reilly products, a nice benefit for members
  • donations of books, like we were given for the draw at PyCon UK

and, no doubt, a few other things, like I think it's possible to get o'Reilly authors to speak at meetings.

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