Goals for 2007 redesign


Pyramid usage

amk@matterhorn:~/source/p/pyramid-trunk$ pyramid/pyramid --help
usage: pyramid [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d DATA, --data=DATA  directory in which the fragment data is stored
  -o OUT, --out=OUT     directory in which to save output (will be emptied)
  -r RESOURCES, --resources=RESOURCES
                        comma separated list of resource directories to copy
  -v, --verbose         print status messages to stdout
  -V, --veryverbose     print all data to stdout
  -W, --veryveryverbose
                        print all data to stdout
                        only rebuild below these comma separated directories
  -C, --createcache     recreate the cache files
  -c CONSTANTS, --constants=CONSTANTS
                        pass in the names constants (e.g.
  -k, --keepgoing       keep going past errors if possible
  -U, --update          NOT WORKING DO NOT USE try to build only those pages
                        that have changed
  -n, --relativeurls    Converts urls from absolute to relative
  -P, --prettify        Prettify output - not used on live site

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