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Skip says::

On I currently have Mailman running gate_news directly from


If you really wanted to you could fall back to the original version (it's
commented out in Mailman's crontab) but given the popularity of the new
reduced-spam mail version of I suspect you'd be
lynched if you did.  (Or forced to eat nothing but Hormel meat products for
the next month as the angry mob films the new documentary, "Super-Spam Me".

As executing recently, line 197 & 198 of currently read

   hold_for_approval(mlist, msg, msgdata, LooksLikeSpam)
   raise _ContinueLoop

I simply commented out the first line to disable holds on highly spammish
posts.  They should just be dropped on the floor now.  Uncomment that line
to restore the hold-all-spam-even-really-obvious-stuff behavior.  Note that
the next block below handles "unsure" posts.  Those will still require
moderator approval.

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