Coach: Bruce Eckel

The goal of this sprint is to understand the two proposed additions to Python:

And to come up with examples and use cases that argue for or against the inclusion of these features into the language.

This will primarily be a learning and exploration Sprint, and I imagine discussing these concepts and coming up with ideas and examples in group work.

The products of the sprint will be examples, use cases and prose to add to the literature about these topics.

This Sprint will be held Tuesday, and will begin at about 10 am


Please read the PEPs. Other than that, interest in participation is enough.


If you plan to participate, please put your name below: If you don't sign up, you can still come and participate. The sign up is to give me an idea who will be there. (If no one at all signs up, however, I will assume there is no interest).


Feel free to add comments to this page.

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