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Abhishek Singh is Certified Data Analytics Educator from Alteryx SparkED, Certified Process Mining Educator from Celonis, Data Scientist and Assistant Professor who is actively involved in learning and sharing Python Concepts through his website He has created a python package that can check if a number is prime or not. The package name is abhiprime. For more details you can check in He is the writer of book on Regular Expression titled as Simplifying Regular Expression Using Python: Learn Regex Like Never Before. The book has been awarded as one of the best books on Regular Expression by (check here: He has also authored one book which teaches basics of Python titled as Master Python Using Version 3.11: Learn Python Like Never Before, another book for teaching the essential python knowledge for Machine Learning Essential Python for Machine Learning and one book teaching PostgreSQL using Python titled as Mastering PostgreSQL with Python Volume 1: A Comprehensive Guide

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