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1.0.2 (Date: 2006-12-26)
based on the Apache Software License, Version 1.1
Unix, Windows
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In Their Own Words

4Suite is a platform for XML and RDF processing. It allows users to take advantage of standard XML technologies rapidly and to develop and integrate Web-based applications. It also puts practical technologies for knowledge management projects in the hands of developers. It is implemented in Python and C.

At the core of 4Suite is a library of integrated tools for XML processing, including open technologies such as DOM, SAX, RDF, XSLT, XInclude, XPointer, XLink and XPath. Layered upon this is an XML and RDF data repository and server. The server supports multiple methods of data access, query, indexing, transformation rich linking, and rules processing. It provides the data infrastructure of a full database management system, including transactions and concurrency support, access control and a variety of management tools. For purposes of integration with other tools, it supports remote, cross-platform and cross-language access through HTTP (including native SOAP and WebDAV), RPC FTP and CORBA. It offers APIs in Python, HTTP, SOAP and XSLT.


It appears that development of 4Suite ceased in 2006. Does anyone know if the project is dead or just done?


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