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   1 def syntax(highlight):
   2     print "on"
   3     return None


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IRC Log test

   1 (23:18) <     jroes> ah
   2 (23:19) <     jroes> hm, i like the way {{{ works, but i was hoping the lines would wrap
   3 (23:21) -!- gpciceri [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
   4 (23:36) < ThomasWal> you could also write a parser or processor
   5 (23:38) <     jroes> i could?
   6 (23:38) <     jroes> would that require modification on the moin end though?
   7 (23:38) <     jroes> i cant change the wiki myself :x
   8 (23:39) < ThomasWal> parsers and processors are plugable
   9 (23:39) < ThomasWal> so you dont need to change the core code
  10 (23:40) < ThomasWal> you need to copy it to the wiki data directory though
  11 (23:40) <     jroes> well, what i meant to say was that i dont have access to the box running the wiki
  12 (23:40) < ThomasWal> then this is no option awdsd asdasd sa asdasd sad asdadasds adasd asd asd asd asd asd a dadad ad adad ad asd asd adad asdasd asd adad as d
  13 (23:40) <     jroes> yeah :/

hallo testing

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