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September 2008 -- Issue #22

Django...that is one of the hottest discussions around the Jython community at this time. Jython is popular in many different areas, but it seems as though there is an ever increasing interest in using Jython with the Django framework. Thanks to Leo Soto, Jim Baker, and other developers who have made it possible, Django is working very well with Jython. This is great news for Java and Python developers alike. As an avid Java developer, I think it is great that we now have another nice choice for RAD development of web applications on the Java platform.

Lots of noise on the blogsphere this month as well. Jython is definitely making the headlines and people are getting more actively involved.

I did not have time to write any articles this month as work and home have kept me fairly busy. I have been working a lot with Django lately and I plan to write an article on my experiences for next month's distro.

I'd like to thank Jim Baker for his time this month in answering questions for the interview. I will post the interview results once everything has been finalized. The Jython Monthly interviews have been great so far and I've received lots of good feedback. I hope to present more interviews in the upcoming issues.

Please take a moment to vote for the poll of the newsletter Jython Monthly Podcast. I'd like to get some feedback as to whether the distribution should change format into podcast rather than email. I think that the community is now creating enough content to put together 15-20 minutes worth of content each month. A podcast would also add another means for interviewing and tutorials. Take some time to fill out the brief survey to let me know how many people are interested.

Thanks again for reading, I hope this month's content will do you well.

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Interview with Jim Baker - Jython Monthly Extra

The interview with Jim Baker has come to a close. I will be posting a special distribution once all of the questions have been answered. Thanks again to everyone who participated. Also, a special thanks to Jim Baker for taking the time to answer all of the questions. The Jython community definitely appreciates it!


Rating JRuby, Jython, and Groovy on the Java Platform


Django on Jython : DjangoCon 2008 - Jim Baker and Leo Soto


Django, Webservices, and Jython - Ed Taekema

Jython Bean Scripting Framework - Ed Taekema

Jython 2.5 Alpa 3 Released - Frank Wierzbicki

Jython Triple DES - James Abley

DjangoCon Day 1 - Frank Wierzbicki

DjangoCon Day 2 - Frank Wierzbicki

Jython vs Groovy

Jython Installation on OS X - Mel Mudin

Web Services Framework for Jython - Keith Chapman

Unit Testing wsadmin Jython Scripts - Alvin Abad

Brasil4Win Testing Jython 2.5a3 - gioorgi.com


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PyDev 1.3.20

nbPython - Milestone 6


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