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October 2009 -- Issue #35

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This has been a slower month for Jython, with the release of 2.5.1 occurring last month the developers are actively working on a 2.5.2 release. There were many blogs and a web services article that are featured in this month's newsletter. I hope that you enjoy this month's issue, and please feel free to send me suggestions, questions, or feedback.


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The Jump project is a new build tool for distributing Jython applications as JAR files. Jump is currently at version 0.9.5 and is under active development. For more information and to get started using Jump, please visit the site at http://gitorious.org/jump

jython-swingutils 0.1 Has Been Released

An assortment of utility classes and functions that ease the task of writing GUI applications with the Java Swing toolkit.

Visit Site: http://bitbucket.org/agronholm/jython-swingutils/

Django-Jython 1.0 To Be Released

The 1.0 version of Django-Jython will be released soon. It will include support for a few different database backends including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and SqlServer. Stay tuned for the release that should occur sometime in November 2009.

Visit Site: http://code.google.com/p/django-jython/

Websphere Application Server Administration Using Jython Has Been Published!

This book’s expert authors begin with practical introductions to both WebSphere Application Server administration and Jython, today’s powerful, Java implementation of Python. Next, they cover a broad spectrum of WebSphere management tasks and techniques, presenting real, easy-to-adapt solutions for everything from server configuration and security to database management. These are powerful solutions you can begin using immediately–whether you’re running WebSphere in production, development, or test environments.

View Book Information: http://www.informit.com/store/product.aspx?isbn=0137043740

Open Source Jython Book Available Online at jythonbook.com

The Jython Book is now available online. This is an early first draft of the book and the book authors appreciate all feedback and suggestions. To see the source, please visit the http://kenai.com/projects/jythonbook. For information about feedback and commenting, please see the wiki.


Introduction to the Web services framework for Jython

Heshan T Suriyaarachchi

The open source SOA company's (WSO2) Web services framework for Jython (WSF/Jython) provides a simple approach to creating and consuming Web services in Jython. This framework integrates the Apache Axis2 Web services engine with Jython, extending all the power and versatility of the Axis2 engine to Jython users. Now, with just a few lines of code, Jython users can enjoy the benefits of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) using Web services. Web service clients written using the WSF/Jython framework can invoke enterprise Web services that require WS-Security. WSF/Jython also supports sending binary attachments as MTOM.

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Blogs noted in bold are only presented in newsletter, not on podcast.

Setuptools with Jython - Very Happy Blog

Slides and Demos from Jython Talk - Leo Soto

Grinder Load Testing Tool - Srikanth Reddy

See How Spring Python Works with Jython - Spring Python Blog

Call JRuby and Jython from Maven - Mat Schaffer

Introduction to the Web Services Framework for Jython - Bon Lebon

Android Beyond Java P2 - Android Junkies

Pyevolve Benchmark on Different Python Flavors - Christian Perone

Data Types - Tom Smith

Open Source Data Analysis Framework jHepwork - Rob@greepit.com

Remove special character using Jython script - Kshitiz Devendra

Pycon India 2009 Posts

Pycon 2009 India First Impressions - Shailesh Kumar

Pycon India 2009 Report - Jaggu's World

Pycon India 2009: A Review - The Usware Blog


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