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October 2007 -- Issue #11

There has been a lot going on since the last issue of Jython Monthly! My life events are oddly similar to those events which have taken place for Jython. As we all know, the excellent Jython developers have come together and brought us another rock solid release. Similarly, my wife and I had our third child this past summer and the new addition is doing great. Just as our third child has brought many changes and lots of new twists to our life, the release of Jython 2.2 brings forth many great additions and lots of repairs from the last release. I thank my wife for giving me a great family, they are lots of fun and make my life complete. All Jython users, including myself, thank the Jython developers for their time and efforts...keep up the great work. The past five months have been great, but I am glad to have the opportunity to start this newsletter once again.

Many individuals have assisted in putting together a great newsletter for you this month. There have been some excellent articles and tutorials published on application distribution and XML. Many have written great blogs about the new release, and making some Python frameworks function in Jython. I'm glad to announce that Rob Andrews is going to be maintaining a newbie section for the newsletter each month, I know that it will contain lots of useful content. I'd also like to add that the Jython community should frequently visit http://wiki.python.org/jython/DocumentationAndEducation as Greg Moore Frank and David Kuhlman are updating all of the docs for Jython 2.2 at this time! Greg Moore has also been posting many great tips for using Jython.

Thanks to everyone for the great work and contributions!

Josh Juneau

Questions, comments, or suggestions?

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juneau001@gmail.com or jython-users@lists.sourceforge.net for discussion.


Jython 2.2.1 - rc2 was released this past week. There are many bug fixes in this release, and you should download and take a look!

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Distributing Jython Scripts

Submitted By: Greg Moore

There are several ways to accomplish this, but the following text will only cover distributing code you've written so others with out a Jython installation can use them without having to use jythonc. If someone wants to cover deployment to a web app server or embedded deployment, please do! These are beyond the scope of this text and more importantly my personal knowledge.

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Parsing and Writing RSS Using Jython and Rome

Submitted By: Josh Juneau

RSS is an old technology now...it has been around for years. However, it is a technology which remains very useful for disseminating news and other information. The ROME project on java.net is helping to make parsing, generating, and publishing RSS and Atom feeds a breeze for any Java developer.

Since I am particularly fond of translating Java to Jython code, I've taken simple examples from the Project ROME wiki and translated Java RSS reader and writer code into Jython. It is quite easy to do, and it only takes a few lines of code.

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Newbie Notes

Submitted By: Rob Andrews

The first of the Newbie Notes articles uses a common task to illustrate a few basic techniques. In this installment, a series of individual files in a directory are used to populate a single grid file containing the source data in a tab-delimited row/column format.

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Interested in Developing Jython?

If you are interested in developing Jython, please take a look at the current bug listing and submit patches for items which you can repair.

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