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October/November 2010 -- Issue #46

This is the Jython Monthly newsletter for the months of October and November of 2010. Jython 2.5.2 RC2 has been released to the Jython community for review. Please download and test now if you haven't done so already! Due to a lack of materials over the past couple of months, the newsletter will combine both October and November together. I am hoping to get back into the monthly schedule for releasing the newsletter and podcast.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the newsletter, please feel free to send them to jythonpodcast@gmail.com. I appreciate the feedback!


My information is as follows:

Josh Juneau


Jython 2.5.2 RC2 Has Been Released

The Jython development team has released the second release candidate for the 2.5.2 release. The list of issues that have been addressed are as follows:

Please go download the release and test today! Report any issues to the Jython bug tracker. Congrats to the development team on another excellent release.

Items Addressed

Jython SwingUtils 1.0b2 is Out

Jython-Swingutils is a collection of utility classes and functions that are designed to make creating Swing apps on Jython easier.

The library is divided into sections based on the area of Swing it helps with. Developers are encouraged to take peeks into each individual section and check out how they can help in the process of building Swing apps in Python. You should also check out the examples directory (not included in the downloadable packages) for practical demonstrations.

For more information, please see the online documentation.


Regular Expression Unicode Blocks in IronPython and Jython - Carl Trachte

One last thing that's available in jython and IronPython, but not in CPython regular expressions is Unicode Blocks. Blocks are similar to Unicode Scripts, but do not correspond one to one with them. Blocks, as the name implies, represent continuous sequences of Unicode code points. This page, recommended to me by artisonian on twitter, has a good synopsis.

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No articles for October/November 2010


Adding Jython Modules to the Classpath


jHepWork Channel - Using Java and Jython for Data Analysis


Django-Jython Project

Pylons on Jython



Fiji Scripting Tutorial


Field Project

PyDev 1.6.3

Netbeans 7.0 Beta



Jython Processor with Swing GUI


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Python Daily News

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