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November 2008 -- Issue #24

First and foremost, I hope that everyone is enjoying this holiday season thus far. Hopefully you had a great Thanksgiving...my best to you all.

Frank Wierzbicki and the other Jython developers have been working hard on the development of Jython 2.5 and a beta has now been released. Not only is the up and coming release going well, but it is also being used by much of the community already. The the current time, I know that Frank is working on AST features.

Lots of IDE news is also hitting the web. Netbeans has released 6.5 which has many major feature additions and improvements. The nbPython project is also working hard to develop a fully featured Python IDE plugin for Netbeans. Of course, the Eclipse community is continuing to see improvements in the already great PyDev IDE.

As you know, I am planning to begin a podcast for this newsletter and it is in the works. I will be posting updates to the jython-users list to let you know when the podcast is ready so keep en eye out if you are interested.

My information is as follows:

Josh Juneau - http://www.gathereventplanning.com juneau001@gmail.com


Jython 2.5 b0 Released

After lots of work, the Jython developers have released 2.5 b0. Go and get a copy today!

Jython Site

Netbeans 6.5 Released

Netbeans 6.5 has been released. This version of Netbeans IDE proves to be one of the most solid and feature-filled releases in Netbeans history. The IDE has just celebrated it's 10th anniversary, and this product shows how mature the IDE has become. The 6.5 release includes features such as improved editor, integrated Groovy/Grails support, compile-on-save option, and more.

Go and grab your copy today...

nbPython Releases EA

The nbPython crew have been working hard to provide fully-featured Python support for the Netbeans IDE. This past week was important as the team has released an early access product so that we can begin to see the greatness. Find out more about the features of this product on the Netbeans wiki.

Download EA Release

Working with the latest bits


There is a project working on an implementation of Jython for the Dalvik Virtual Machine. This project is known as Jythonroid and it currently has a 0.4 release available. Head over to the project website and take a look.

Jythonroid Project Site


Comparison of Python Virtual Machines

In this article I’m going to go through some details about what is going on under the hood when you run a Python program, as well how those details have changed over the years in different python’s implementations ranging from original CPython (Python implementation in C) all the way to the newest implementations like PyPy.

Read More

Jython Web Start application - step-by-step guide Alfonso Reyes

Create Java Web Start applications with Jython and OSP.

Read More


DB4O with Jython - Jim Cassidy

Jython Formula One Tutorial - Jim Cassidy

Updated Jython Roadmap - Frank Wierzbicki

Jython 2.5 Beta 0 Released - Frank Wierzbicki

Tor Norbye Finds Bug in Jython Lib in Netbeans - Frank Wierzbicki

Python Processing Proof-of-Concept - Jon Schull

Jython + Processing = Fun - Jon Schull

Techniques for Stubbing out Dependencies when Unit Testing Java Code - Clint Miller

Jython Runs Successfully in Android Emulator - Fred Lin

Python in Netbeans - Ted Leung

How to Install and Use Jython to Write an ImageJ Plugin

How to Run ByteFlow Engine on Jython

Searching with Sonatype Nexus REST API: Python


Netbeans Python Tutorial


Jython on Joint Strike Fighter


Scripting Languages on Glassfish V3 Prelude


PyDev 1.3.24

nbPython EA Release


Jython Home

Python Home

Jython WikiPedia


Python Daily News

Planet Jython

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