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April/May 2011 -- Issue #49

This is the Jython Monthly newsletter for the months of April and May of 2011. This newsletter will now be distributed every other month. Therefore, there will be six issues per year. I want to generate the best content to make it worthwhile for you to read. That being said, content has become more limited on a monthly basis, and it just makes sense to combine a couple of months worth of information into one newsletter now. Also, the Jython Podcast will not be distributed with every release of the Jython Monthly newsletter any longer. This is mostly due to time constraints on my part, but I do plan to continue distributing podcasts when there are milestones made with Jython or if there are interviews. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the newsletter, please feel free to send them to jythonpodcast@gmail.com. I appreciate the feedback!


My information is as follows:

Josh Juneau


Jython Moves To Mercurial

Jython sources have moved to a Mercurial repository.

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gefr With Multiple Backends Support

I have been working on gefr this week to add apache MINA backend for it. The goal of gefr is to provide adapters between Python’s WSGI and Java network infrastructures. In cPython world, most WSGI servers are implemented with C code(fapws, meinheld, etc.), which is not applicable on Jython platform. However, the Java world has its own reliable network foundations. So my gefr turns them into WSGI servers. The ultimate goal of gefr is to make it possible to port any of your WSGI web applications to Jython seamlessly.  Read More

Using HBase With Jython

Python Custom Files in ODI


Calling Batch Files From Jython

Regular Expressions in Jython

Jython For Netbeans 7

How To Call A Java Function From Jython Embedded

Is There A Clear Leader Amongst JVM Languages

Defining CLASSPATH for Jython Virtual Env



jythonet is the best bridge between Jython and Java Servlet.

Jython Documentation Set

The Jython documentation set has been made available to the public via Sourceforge.net. If you would like to pull down the latest set of documentation for using Jython, go to the project and check it out. You can build the sources using Sphinx, and the sources are available via Mercurial. We are always looking for contributors, so if anyone is interested in helping keep the docs up to date, please grab a copy of them and send mail to the Jython-dev list for commit privileges.


Django-Jython Project

Pylons on Jython


Jython-Swingutils v1.0.1


Field Project

PyDev 2.1.0

Netbeans 7.0



Jython Processor with Swing GUI


Jython Home

Python Home

Jython WikiPedia


Python Daily News

Planet Jython

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