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May 2010 -- Issue #42

The podcast is will be available on June 4th: http://www.jythonpodcast.com.

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Jython 2.5.2 ... Sorry for the Delay

The Jython developer team has been working hard to get things in place for the next release of jython. It seems that the release has been delayed, but please stay tuned for more...if you are interested in seeing a list of enhancements and bug fixes for the upcoming release, please take a look at the NEWS file.

Enter Vynk

There is a new Jython desktop automation library utilizing the Java "java.awt.Robot" class. Currently only a thin, incomplete wrapper but more changes are planned to make it more "pythonic". Unfortunately, I visited the site yesterday and it said that the project has been paused for now. It is certainly worth a look, the project is on github and the owner goes by the name of cryzed. If you think this is something that you're interested in seeing then maybe post some notes about it or offer help...looks like a promising project to say the least.

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Django 1.2.1 Now Available

The Django web framework has released version 1.2.1 this past month. While the Django-Jython project is not 100% compatible with this release as yet, the development team is certainly working on getting there sometime soon. Some changes to look forward to in this latest release of the Django framework include:

* Support for multiple databases

* Model validation

* Improved CSRF protection

* Messages framework

* Object-level permissions

* Permissions for anonymous users

* Relaxed requirements for usernames

* E-mail backends

* “Smart” if tag

* Much more....

New Features in 1.2

Read More at the Django Project site.

Bob Gibson Interview Next Month

Bob Gibson, co-author of the book entitled WebSphere Application Server Administration Using Jython, will be interviewed by the Jython Podcast next month. I am looking forward to speaking with Bob, and if you have any questions that you would like for me to ask during the interview, please send them to me at jythonpodcast@gmail.com. Special thanks to Bob for his time!

New Sourceforge Project: Jython Processor With Swing GUI

There is a new SourceForge project named jythonprocessor. The project was registered on SourceForge.net on May 21, 2010, and is described by the project team as follows:

Using JSR223, a gui for processing Python scripts. The program is also pluggable such that Java based gui's can be customized to execute Python scripts.

Jython Processor with Swing GUI


The Combination of Java and Jython - CodeWeblog

Recently re-designed a program, this program has a function to monitor the memory usage of other processes, and in certain conditions when the trigger warnings to the user. General conditions, the memory more than a certain threshold. However, this condition can be complicated if you want more, for example, when more than 2G and sustained increase of 2 days, the alarm; or if less than 1G, and the overall trend within 10 days of growth, but also alarm. In short, this condition can support very complex conditions, and the need for dynamic modifications (the main module does not restart the case), so my choice is a combination of Java and Jython.

WLST Development with Pydev in Eclipse - Java Mon Amour

My understanding is that Satya Ghattu has not been working on WLST for quite some time (cmiiaw) and his blog doesn't say much on this topic. I really wish Oracle put some development effort in WLST as honestly it's a bit primitive and lacks many features that for a Java Developer are essential (debugging, remote debugging, a proper IDE etc). When people say "just use notepad" it makes me FURIOUS, it's like saying a surgeon "just use a Swiss Army knife instead of a bisturi"....

The Future Can Be Written in RPython Now - Christian Perone

Following the recent article arguing why PyPy is the future of Python, I must say, PyPy is not the future of Python, is the present. When I have tested it last time (PyPy-c 1.1.0) with Pyevolve into the optimization of a simple Sphere function, it was at least 2x slower than Unladen Swallow Q2, but in that time, PyPy was not able to JIT. Now, with this new release of PyPy and the JIT’ing support, the scenario has changed.

FOP and Jython - Hopscotch

Opinion: Can you Change Your Default Programming Language? - Pascal Hakim

If you have more than one coder on your team, chances are you have standardised on a programming language. Whether it's C, Java or Python, people need to be able to read and write each other's code to do their work. The language was probably picked by some of the first coders in your team, or was based on an analysis of what was needed at the time.

Using Jython With The vCloud API - Chmouel Blog

Lately I had to do a lot of works with the VMware VCloud product and since the python API did not seem available and I did not have the courage to use the PHP API I had to do most of the API works with Java. I never did any Java before and while I have found Eclipse+Java development surprisingly pleasant and easy to use/learn my favourite are still Emacs+Python.

Invoking Python Script From Java - ProgrammersHeaven.com

I am working on a Java program for use at work that is coming along nicely. It is used to analyze log files. For one particular type of log files, we already have a nice python script that will generate all sorts of statistical information about run lengths, the top 10 SQL statements used, the number of rows aggregated and deleted from each table, etc. In a sense -- it's really slick!


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