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July 2009 -- Issue #32

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Josh Juneau


Jython 2.5.1 Under Development

The Jython Developer team is hard at work for developing the 2.5.1 release. This release will be geared towards some performance boosts as well as bug fixes. To find out more information on this release, look through the blog postings below that highlight some of the upcoming features.

Django 1.1 Released

The Django Project has released version 1.1 of the Django framework. Please see the Release Notes for information regarding this latest release.

Open Source Jython Book Available Online

The Jython Book is now available online. This is an early first draft of the book and the book authors appreciate all feedback and suggestions. To see the source, please visit the http://kenai.com/projects/jythonbook. For information about feedback and commenting, please see the wiki.

New Jython.org Website Released

The jython.org website has been refurbished and includes a new look and features such as the front-page Twitter update. More features will be coming soon including up-to-date Jython 2.5.0 documentation. Stay tuned for more...

Interview with Frank Wierzbicki Available

This month, the Jython Podcast interviewed Frank Wierzbicki on the 2.5.0 release and also about the future of Jython. To listen to this great interview, visit the Jython Podcast site or use the feed link above.



Jim Baker and Tobias Ivarsson

In this presentation we will show you what you can do with Jython. In particular we will show what the soon-to-be-released version 2.5 enables. This includes web frameworks such as Django, scientific applications such as SymPy and everything down to installation and dependency management systems for Python packages. We will show demonstrations of Django running in Jython, WAR-file deployment of Django applications, applications integrating Python libraries and Java libraries as well as the power of exploring a Java package from the interactive object shell of Jython.

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Blogs noted in bold are only presented in newsletter, not on podcast.

Into The Labyrinth - using the JavaCompiler API from Jython - Kay Schluhr

WAF on Jython 2.5

Taking Guzdial Seriously - Bill Kerr

GSOC - How to integrate with existing code base - Heshan Suriyaarcachichi

Trac on Jython - Genshi Support - Jim Baker

Slithering Into Java's Heart - Charlie Groves

Improving Performance in Jython - Tobias Ivarsson

Jythonconsole-0.0.7 released - Donc

Jython Memory Leak/Out of Memory Problem - Letzte Weisheiten

Construct Additional Pylons - Teknoloji

A Simple Spring Challenge - Kay Schluhr

Jython, jgit and co in Hudson - R. Tyler Ballance

Four Things I'd Change in Python, and a Little More - Kay Schluhr

Faster Jython? - Sean McGrath

Running Pylons with Jython for Beginners - robottaway

Jynx 0.2 Released - Kay Schluhr

Jython Scripting Language - Kumar's Blog

Python vs Ruby Slightly More In-Depth - Rudimentary Art of Programming and Development

Re: Python Recursion Performance Test - Ikke's Blog

My First Week with Groovy and Grails (Comparison to Jython) - Aaron Zeckoski

JVM Notebook: Basic Clojure Java and JVM Language Performance - Berlin Brown

Swing Using Jython 2.5 - Ullas T

Swing Frame Using Jython - Ullas T

On JRuby's Importance for the Future of Ruby - Antonio Cangiano

Biojava and Jython - Compbio Dude

More Jython and Biojava - Compbio Dude


Django-Jython Project

Pylons on Jython


Field Project


Netbeans 6.7.1



Jython Home

Python Home

Jython WikiPedia


Python Daily News

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