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February 2010 -- Issue #39

The podcast is also available now: http://www.jythonpodcast.com and it includes a quick review of the Dreampie Python shell under the Windows environment.

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Josh Juneau


Jython 2.5.2 to be Released Next, 2.6 Later This Year

During the activities at PyCon 2010, the Jython developer base decided that 2.5.2 will be released next (perhaps within the next couple of months), followed by the release of 2.6 later this year. The 2.5.2 release will focus on bugfixes and a few code improvements. The general consensus is that the move to 2.6 will help bring more developers to Jython as it will be easier to work with. A Jython 2.6 release would bring Jython to the latest CPython 2.x production version today. CPython 2.7 is under active development, with a beta to be released this spring. However, instead of tracking this release, Jython development will target a 3.x release. If enough demand materializes for a Jython 2.7 release, we may consider backporting features from 3.x to 2.7.

Dreampie 1.0 is Released

DreamPie is a Python shell which is designed to be reliable and fun.

DreamPie was designed from the ground up to bring you a great interactive Python experience:

DreamPie features a new concept for an interactive shell: the window is divided into the history box, which lets you view previous commands and their output, and the code box, where you write your code. This allows you to edit any amount of code, just like in your favorite editor, and execute it when it's ready. You can also copy code from anywhere, edit it and run it instantly. The Copy code only command will copy the code you want to keep, so you can save it in a file. The code is already formatted nicely with a four-space indentation. Features automatic completion of attributes and file names. Automatically displays function arguments and documentation. Keeps your recent results in the result history, for later user. Can automatically fold long outputs, so you can concentrate on what's important. Lets you save the history of the session as an HTML file, for future reference. You can then load the history file into DreamPie, and quickly redo previous commands. Supports interactive plotting with matplotlib. (You have to set "interactive: True" in the matplotlibrc file for this to work.) Supports Python 2.5, Python 2.6, Jython 2.5, IronPython 2.6 and Python 3.1. Works on Windows, Linux and Mac. (Mac support requires MacPorts.) Extremely fast and responsive. Free software licensed under GPL version 3.

PyDev 1.5.5 Released

Details on Pydev: http://pydev.org

Details on its development: http://pydev.blogspot.com

Release Highlights:

* Predefined completions available for code completion:

not available

modules (e.g.: PyQt, wx, etc.)


* Pydev Package Explorer:

each project

(to browse for docs, scripts, etc)

* Editor options:

added when applied. E.g.: print, if, etc (not default)

* Refactoring:

* Globals Browser (Ctrl+Shift+T):

no longer available for a previously found token

* General:

changing to the pydev perspective

external source folders would be analyzed if they happened to be in the Eclipse workspace)


only the PYTHONPATH was set)


Running Python Code in Java, the Jython Way

I am back with another technical article after ages though this time I am not sorry for being irregular over my blog because my life is going pretty smooth in general and I’m loving the way things are moving especially I’m thankful to my Tazu whom presence is making all the difference here . Now lets move on towards the topic. I was not any hardcore fan of python but recently I became one. Since I had to develop few applications for my mobile using this language I found it pretty easy and rich featured plus too simple. But the best part was when I found out that we can integrate this language within Java and run Python code from Java as well. This wasn’t something too new since I had an experience of using Assembly along with code of c++ but that was the case of a low-level language with a high-level one but here both languages are high level. Read More

Python with ZK

Many people seem to want to use Python with ZK (actually Jython of course but let's just stick to the name Python to avoid confusion). Although there are performance penalties for using Python it certainly makes prototyping a lot quicker. With a small number of users the performance hit may not even be a problem.

The only examples of using Python with ZK seem to be limited to simple <zscript> included in the ZUL files. Read More


Blogs noted in bold are only presented in newsletter, not on podcast.

Benchmarking JSR-223 Java Integration - Tiago Fernandez

The following micro-benchmark covers Java integration with JavaScript, Python, Groovy and Ruby through JSR-223 via Rhino, Jython, Groovy and JRuby, respectively. The similar implementations calculate with Fibonacci numbers from 1 to 35 (e.g. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, …, 9227465) recursively, populate the values in a JTree and displays it with a Frame. Although simple, this task proves valuable because it measures how a scripting engine behaves when calling Java code. Read More

My New Job at Sauce Labs - Frank Wierzbicki

I joined Sauce Labs as of January 3 this year. I met the people at Sauce Labs during the recent startup crawl in San Francisco (what a great way to find an employer, eh?). Sauce Labs is based around support for the open source Selenium functional testing framework. The inventor of Selenium, Jason Huggins is a founder. I joined Sauce Labs at the same time as Jim Baker and Raymond Hettinger, see here for more. The entire team at Sauce Labs is mind blowingly amazing - which is the main reason that I had to join. Read More

PyCon 2010 Brings Speed Enhancement to Python 3 - Linux.com

Python 3 will zoom forward at PyCon 2010 with the incorporation of Unladen Swallow, a performance-boosting branch of Python initiated by engineers from Google. First made public at PyCon 2009, Unladen Swallow is already accelerating Python applications at several companies. Now the Unladen Swallow team plans to merge their code into Python 3's codebase, promising big speed improvements to Python 3 and a major new incentive for Python programmers to adopt the next-generation version of the Python language. Read More

Hey, Oracle! - Catherine: PyOraGeek

In the last couple months, we've learned that the new Sun will be going forward without Frank Wierzbicki, the Jython project lead, and now without Ted Leung.

The Oracle Technology Network is working hard to foster dynamic language use with Oracle. It's got publications, PyCon sponsorship, resources, and so forth. OTN delights me. Read More

Single File Python Apps - waf-devel

Yet, redistribution is even easier when the application is platform-independent (scripts) and when the application is directly executable.

A naive approach for Python software is to concatenate all the dependent scripts into a single scripts. In the case of Waf, the tools are actually plugins which are not meant to be loaded all at once. Also, the resulting script would have a pretty huge size. Read More

Set Up Credit Installment Plan Dates Using java.util.Calendar in Jython - Daniel Baktier

This blog shows an example on how Jython will make it easier for you to explore Java library or API.

In this sample I try to show how Jython could be used to learn a Java platform library or API interactively. Hopefully without going through the pain of code-compile-deploy-test cycles. After being familiar with certain library or API, we could come back the regular Java way to code. Read More

Other Python VMs Upcoming Version Plans - Trent Mick

New Python Shell is a Dreampie - H

DreamPie, a new interactive shell for Python developers, has been released with support for Python 2.5, 2.6 and 3.1, Jython 2.5 and IronPython 2.6. DreamPie is described as a "new concept for an interactive shell", with the display divided into a history box for commands and a code box for "in work" Python code. The shell provides automatic completion of attributes, displays function arguments and documentation, can save session history as a HTML file and allows for interactive plotting with matpotlib. Read More

PyCon 2010 Sunday Plenaries - The Mouse vs The Python

The last plenary session for PyCon 2010 was on Sunday. In it, Van Lindberg told us that if we included all the vendors, our conference had hit over 1100 people. What that meant is that for PyCon 2011, they would probably have to put an attendance cap of 1500 so that we wouldn’t run out of room at the current venue. Is this good? I don’t really know. Sometimes it felt like it was already too big. Time will tell. Read More

Pickle Objects Under Jython - ActiveState

Sikuli Can Automate by Taking Screenshots - TUAW

Definitive Guide to Jython - Codetown

PyCon 2010 Frank Wierzbicki Lead Jython Developer - BitSource

PyCon 2010 - Worlds Largest Python Conference - BitSource

Jython Book - Working with the Sources - Josh Juneau

Compiling Jython Scripts in Java Class Files - Strange Loops

Jython and Salesforce - The Programming Farmer


Sikuli, a Scripting Language Based on Screenshots

Extending Java Applications with Jython - Frank Wierzbicki

How and why Python is being used to by the Military to model real-world battlefield scena - Eric Silverman

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