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December 2009 -- Issue #37 - Happy Holidays!

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Web2Py Enterprise Web Framework Now Compatible with Jython

Since version 1.64, Web2Py has workded with Jython using SQLite and Postgresql. Recent release, 1.73.1 repaired a template issue for Jython. For more information, visit the Web2Py changelog.

Django-Jython 1.1 Released

This release of the Django-Jython extensions brings Django support on Jython to version 1.1. This means we can now run the latest versions of Django on Jython. The Django-Jython extensions allow for database support on Postgres, MS SQL, Oracle, and SQLLite.


Unfortunately, there were no articles for this month.


FLOSS Weekly #102 with Frank Wierzbicki


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Transforming with XSLT on Google AppEngine and Jython - Alan Kennedy

I’m writing this post in response to a challenge. I wrote a post entitled Jython on Google AppEngine: Why bother?, which was a reply to a statement made by a Google engineer about not seeing the point of running jython on AppEngine. And a similar statement was repeated in a comment on that blog post (i.e. “the gist of what I intended to say was that while it was possible to run Jython on App Engine, I couldn’t think why you’d want to.”) Read More

Jython on Google Appengine, Why Bother? - Alan Kennedy

Why on earth would you want to run jython applications on Google AppEngine?

First off, I must apologise for the flippant nature of the attention grabbing title. I’m a jython committer, and a jython user, so I believe that there are very good reasons for running jython on Google AppEngine. (You can read how to do so on the modjy wiki: how to run jython applications on Google AppEngine). Read More

Google Programming Preferences, the Python Ultimatum - Stephan E. Arnold

A thread on Google Groups’ Unladen-Swallow tackled the question of what programming languages are encouraged or discouraged at Google. At the conference in London on December 2, 2009, I heard that Microsoft wanted developers to use Visual Studio.net, yet Windows 7 and other Windows products were anchored in Assembly language and C, often undocumented Assembly language and C. Whether true or not, the resulting conversation triggered on person to mention the Unladen Swallow thread. Read More

Setting Java Classpath in Jython - Ullas T

Apache POI and Jython - Ullas T

The Five Talks I Really Want to See - The PyCon Blog

The deadline for getting early-bird pricing at PyCon is coming up (register by January 6!), and people are starting to see just how great the schedule is for this year's PyCon. From around the web: [[http://pycon.blogspot.com/2009/12/five-talks-i-really-want-to-see.html|Read More]

Python History Intro - Doncrack at History Articles

Python is currently one of the most popular dynamic programming languages, along with Perl, Tcl, PHP, and newcomer Ruby. Although it is often viewed as a "scripting" language, it is really a general purpose programming language along the lines of Lisp or Smalltalk (as are the others, by the way). Today, Python is used for everything from throw-away scripts to large scalable web servers that provide uninterrupted service 24x7. It is used for GUI and database programming, client- and server-side web programming, and application testing. Read More

Python's Moratorium - Let's Think About This - Jessenroller.com

Since the news of PEP 3003 being released crossed the ‘web – I’ve seen more than a handful of assertions and statements made that seemed to grossly miss the point.

I figured I’d expound on my last post to further explain the why of the moratorium and some of the other personal reasons I stepped forward to help author it. Read More

Seamless Neo4j Integration in Django - Tobias Ivarsson

About a year ago I gave a presentation at Devoxx where I showed off how easy it was to use any Java library with Django in Jython. The library I demonstrated this with was of course Neo4j. I had written some code for using Neo4j to define models for Django, and now it is ready to be released for you to use it. Read More

Web2Py Now Works with Jython

Woah, talking about Nice. Cognizing that they all work together, Jython, Java, Python, and Web2Py. This opens a broad veriety of features that I could employ web2py for. E.g., I employ Java and Jython at my work. Imagine being able to draw from the same databases and datasources as I wasted my Java application but have a go at it hundredfold faster and easier, and more securely, etc... all with web2py in Jython. Read More

Learning New Languages Harmful? - Michael Kimsal

After having spent much time with Groovy/Java, and a bit with Ruby and a bit with C#, I have a newer perspective on learning new programming languages. Much of my thoughts are summed up by this post from Gustavo Duartes. I liked his choice of words at the top – “language dabbling” – which largely describes my C# and Ruby experience. I’ve done a little bit in them – some paid in C#, some not – but the bulk of my work is in PHP, with a small but growing bit in Grails. Read More

Introduction to Python - Rocky's World

Benchmarking JSR-223: JRuby, Rhino, Groovy and Jython - Tiago Fernandez

The idea of this post is to evaluate similar implementations done in Ruby, JavaScript, Groovy and Python through JSR-223's API using the corresponding scripting engines (i.e. JRuby, Rhino, Groovy and Jython). Read More

Kettle + JRuby/Jython/Groovy(JSR 223) = True - Raphael Valyi


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