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August 2009 -- Issue #33

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Josh Juneau


Jython 2.5.1 RC1 - To Be Released Soon!

The Jython Developer team is hard at work for developing the 2.5.1 release. This release will be geared towards some performance boosts as well as bug fixes. The first release candidate is scheduled for early September, with indications pointing towards September 1!

New Features

- Upgraded to ANTLR 3.1.3

- [ 1859477 ] Dynamically loaded ServletFilters like PyServlet

- Built in JSR 223 scripting engine, with LiveTribe JSR 223 implementation for JDK 5

- Jython "-J-classpath cp_args_here" now works as expected for unix shell.

Bugs Fixed

- [ 645615 ] cannot import through symbolic links

- [ 1366 ] parsing of lamda expression fails

- [ 1365 ] continuation lines fail in interactive interpreter

- [ 1377 ] Event names shadowed by a field name on Java types leads to a NPE

- [ 1381 ] Redundant declarations of interface implementation hides overriden methods

- [ 1189 ] MD5 hash is incorrectly calculated when string contains non-latin chars and using python md5 lib

- [ 1802339 ] Problem printing unicode when stdout intercepted

- [ 1145 ] Jython 2.5 compatibility problem with JSR 223

- [ 1400 ] Evaluating expression via JSR 223 ScriptEngine returns null instead of True/False

- [ 1413 ] Array data type (PostgreSQL) is not supported (NPE)

- [ 1434 ] Cannot get return code from a process started with os.popen with Jython 2.5 (worked in 2.2)

- [ 1391 ] socket.getaddrinfo() breaks ftplib FTP client

- [ 1409 ] JSR-233 engine version numbers backwards

- [ 1408 ] JSR-223 engine doesn't implement I/O redirection

- [ 1393 ] TypeError: _new_impl(): expected 1 args; got 0

- [ 1415 ] ast Node creation fails with no arg constructors

- [ 1405 ] Executing run.py from .jar throws exception(SystemExit: 0) in main when sys.exit(0) is called

- [ 1439 ] Can't write() array.array

- [ 1139 ] crashes on isinstance

- [ 1430 ] Oracle JDBC Connection close

- [ 1406 ] Parsing a simple PEP 342 coroutine crashes Jython 2.5

- [ 1407 ] ClassCastException in plain Python coroutine

The JVM Language Summit - September 16 - 18, 2009 at Sun Microsystems Santa Clara campus

The 2009 JVM Language Summit is an open technical collaboration among language designers, compiler writers, tool builders, runtime engineers, and VM architects. About 75 language and VM implementers were able to attend last year—and 1/3 presented. You an see an agenda posted at jvmlangsummit.com

PyCon 2010 Call or Tutorial Proposals is Now Open

Do you enjoy teaching classes or tutorials? Are you good at it? PyCon 2010 is looking for proposals for tutorials. The PyCon Tutorial Days will be Wednesday February 17th & Thursday February 18th, 2010, followed by three Conference Days and four days of Development Sprints. here will be morning and afternoon tutorial sessions (3 hours each, plus a 30-minute break). Presenters may request multiple sessions, but must submit separate proposals (details below). Tutorials may be on any topic, but obviously should be instructional in nature.

PyCon 2010 will be held at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta in downtown Atlanta, Georgia from February 17 through 25.

For more information, please visit the PyCon website at http://us.pycon.org/2010/about/

Open Source Jython Book Available Online at jythonbook.com

The Jython Book is now available online. This is an early first draft of the book and the book authors appreciate all feedback and suggestions. To see the source, please visit the http://kenai.com/projects/jythonbook. For information about feedback and commenting, please see the wiki.


Blogs noted in bold are only presented in newsletter, not on podcast.

Jython Shell Script Verbosity - Steve Milner

Genral Shape Drawing Application with Jython and JFace - Darius

Jython - Convert File to Byte Array - Lior Boord

JDBC Connection Pool Status - Ullas T

GSoC Update - Heshan Suriyaarachchi

GSoC Experience - Heshan Suriyaarachichi

Invokedynamic and Jython Part I - Frank Wierzbicki

jacl2jython Utility - Websphere Certification Blog

Faster Websphere wsadmin Jython Scripting with Imports - Bill Birch

Comparison Script Languages for the Fractal Geometry - Marco Mastrodonato

Java Integration in Future Jython - Tobias Ivarsson

Jynx 0.3 - How to Fix Custom Class Loaders for Use with Jython - Kay Schluhr

Jython Websphere script to systematically change JDBC Provider Path - Buddilov.com

Issue with Python re Module and Jython - Rajasankar

Python Programming - chipkidz

Jython Web Application on Sun Web Server 7.0 - teknologi


Django-Jython Project

Pylons on Jython


Interview with Frank Wierzbicki for Webdevradio

Michael Kimsal, editor of the GroovyMag, had a great interview with Frank Wierzbicki this past month. The podcast is posted on webdevradio.com and it is available right now. In the interview they talk about lots of Jython-related topics, and they also do some comparisons between Jython and other languages such as Perl and PHP


ALATEC Hiring Jython Wargaming Developers


Comparison Ruby, Python, Php, Groovy, Jython, etc

This is a discussion all about the blog post that we mentioned earlier. A post that compared each of the languages while using Fractal geometry. Lots of people posted their opinions and thoughts on the topic...go and check out the discussion if interested in reading more about it.


Field Project


Netbeans 6.7.1



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