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April 2010 -- Issue #41

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Jython 2.5.2 to be Released This Week

The Jython developer team has been working hard to get things in place for the next release of jython. After corresponding with some of the devs, it sounds like a release within the next 7 days is looking promising. Stay tuned for more...if you are interested in seeing a list of enhancements and bug fixes for the upcoming release, please take a look at the NEWS file.

New upcoming book "Scientific Data Analysis Using Jython scripting and Java"

A new book will be appearing in stores this fall entitled scientific data analysis using jython scripting and java. The premise for this book is as follows:

SQLAlchemy 0.6 Has Been Released Including Jython Support

Sqlalchemy 0.6 has been released with su port for jython 2.5.  Philip Jenvey blogs that SQLAlchemy on Jython uses JDBC drivers via Jython's builtin zxJDBC DBAPI interface. It currently supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and also MS SQL Server via jTDS.

Those are all well proven JDBC drivers, and they can be even easier to install than CPython C extension drivers. Just add their jar file to your CLASSPATH (or sys.path) and go, no compiling needed.

For all of you who are interested in learning more about using sqlalchemy with jython, take a look at the jythonbook either online in open source format, or in print from Apress.  The book covers sqlalchemy .06 beta.


How to install Python Libraries - FreeCog

Not sure how to install python packages into jython?  If. You are unsure how to do so, just run the setup.py for the corresponding python package using jython setup.py. This is covered in the blog post along with some references to easy install.   For more information,  please take a look at the post. 

Intercepting Java method invocations in Jython - Borislav Andrschuk

Borislav Andrschuck has a nice post on intercepting java method invocations in jython. He writes:   When I've created latest version of Grinderstone I got a problem when I cannot implement Java interface in Jython because the necessary interface is a package private. I've choosed the way to create proxy around this interface if I cannot generate class using this interface using Jython (as you now Jython generates class bytecode and define it directly into classloader). For more information, please read this post.

Options for WebSphere App Server Scripting - WS Community Blog

The Websphere community blog had a post in April regarding options for web sphere scripting.    WebSphere Application Server (WAS) provides a scripting interface called wsadmin. wsadmin supports two scripting languages jacl* and jython. Five objects are available when you use scripts: AdminControl: Use to run operational commands. AdminConfig: Use to run configurational commands to create/modify WAS configuration. AdminApp: Use to administer applications. AdminTask: Use to run administrative commands. Help: Use to obtain general help.

WAS provides a number of aids to developers and system administrators for the development of wsadmin scripts. Different options that can be leveraged in developing wsadmin scripts are explained in the post. 

Django vs Grails - Western Skies - Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson wrote a post for the Western Skies blog that compared Django with the Grails web framework.  While Charles admits that he has been a Python programmer for 15 years, he still gave a better rating to the Django framework for the plenty of reasons. To read on these reasons, please take a look at the post.

Back To Jython DB4O - Jim Cassidy

Jim Cassidy has written na post stating that he was away from python for a while, but is coming back to it now and recommends reading the definitive guide to jython. 


Scripting from Scratch:  Creating a Jython administrative script for websphere - Bob Gibson


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