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April 2008 -- Issue #17

Enjoy this month's newsletter...although brief, it contains a lot of good Jython-related information. Please feel free to contribute to the newsletter in the coming month's by submitting articles and/or tutorials.

Josh Juneau



Jython Basics - Simple Data Access Model Using Oracle

Submitted By: Josh Juneau

Almost every application written today requires data access of some kind. The most common forms of data access today are based upon selection, update, delete processes against a database or XML. While data access has been around for many years now and may be quite trivial, it is an essential concept for any programming language. Not only is it important to know the concepts behind data access, but it is also important to adhere to the basics of object orientation while doing so. A well formed application will use objects to pass data around, which makes it more flexible and easy to maintain.

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