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Wiki Tips


Make a page public read, MoinPagesEditorGroup write, put this comment at the top of your page:

#acl MoinPagesEditorGroup:read,write,delete,revert All:read

But right now, when I try this it says: You can't change ACLs on this page since you have no admin rights on it!


If your doing lots of anchors on the same page, you may want to consider using the "table of contents" macro. See an example at the top of HelpOnMacros.

 [#<anchorname> description]

[wiki:Self:SomePage/SomeSubPage#someBookmark bookmarkDisplayText]

[[FootNote(This is a sample footnote [look for it at the bottom of the page].)]]
Must be separated from the prior word by a space.


Eclipse notes

[wiki:Self:JythonDeveloperGuide/EclipseNotes Eclipse notes] <- link on arbitrary text
JythonDeveloperGuide/EclipseNotes                           <- wiki style link

with code font



without code font



print "jython rocks!"                
} } } <-- don't include these spaces (it's just to escape them)

`print "jython rocks!"`


Deleting wiki pages

These are the directions I use for deleting pages on an intranet moinmoin wiki I administer. These directions assume you have a login on the host machine, allowing you to temporarily turn on a flag in a config file that let's you delete a page and then turn it off (making it safe since it's only temporarily enabled). I've tried to adapt them for this (jython) wiki.

First of all, if you aren't in the MoinPagesEditorGroup, you'll need to contact an admin, and remind them to follow the directions on this page.

To delete a wiki page:

#acl MoinPagesEditorGroup:read,delete

Note: is probably here, <wiki home>/moin/<wiki name>

  1. This is a sample footnote [look for it at the bottom of the page]. (1)

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