Alan Kennedy is a current jython committer, and has contributed

  1. A NewSocketModule with support for

    • Timeout and non-blocking operations
    • UDP / Datagrams
    • Socket Options
    • Client side SSL and certificate verification
    • Internet Protocol V6 (IPV6)
    • Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA)
  2. A SelectModule with

    • Support for the select function
    • Support for poll objects
    • Dedicated functions for cpython-compatibility
  3. modjy, which is a bridge between WSGI and java servlets, i.e. it permits any WSGI application to run inside a java servlet container such as Tomcat.

Alan will address any jython issues relating to these modules, or modules that use them, including the following.

Please consider the cpython 2.5 documentation (linked below under the module names) for these modules to be authoritative for jython 2.5. If jython 2.5 behaviour differs from documented cpython 2.5 behaviour, or if you come across a network-related bug in any of these modules, please File a bug on the jython tracker.

Alan also runs a jython-related blog: Jython Journeys and a Jython Open Source Portal, where you can find jyson, a fast pure-java JSON codec for jython.

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