The Definitive Guide to Plone, Second Edition

The book has been completely updated to cover the latest version of Plone and its newest features. It provides a complete and detailed overview of Plone. It is divided into three parts, which cover using, configuring, and developing and customizing Plone. After the coverage of Plone’s features, the case studies in the final part of the book reveal the true power of Plone. These case studies demonstrate Plone’s ability to handle all kinds of requirements, while retaining an easy–to–use interface for users. As when you’re working with Plone itself, you can choose where to start in this book and how best to apply it to your own needs.

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Professional Plone Development

ISBN: 1847191983 Publisher: Packt Publishing 300 pages

This book aims to teach best practices of Plone development, focusing on Plone 3.0. It covers setting up a suitable development environment, customizing Plone’s look and feel, creating new content types and forms, connecting to external databases, and managing users and groups intelligently. It also shows how to configure a production-ready server, with LDAP authentication and caching.

Web Component Development with Zope 3, 2nd ed.

ISBN: 3-540-33807-1 Springer-Verlag (January 2007)

A well-written, really good book suitable for any Python programmer starting to learn how the very powerful, but a bit complex, component-based Zope 3 framework works and how it can be put to very good use in building scalable, complex web applications.

Zope: Web Application Development and Content Management

ISBN: 0735711100, New Riders (December 2001) a Teaches using Zope to construct Web sites. Detailed explanations are included to assure that the reader can readily understand the critical role of objects as the building blocks of Zope.

Zope Web Application Construction Kit

ISBN: 0672321335, Sams (October 2001)

The Book of Zope

ISBN: 1886411573, No Starch Press (October 2001)

The Zope Book

ISBN: 0735711372, New Riders (July 2001)

Zope Bible

ISBN: 0764548573, Hungry Minds Inc. (April 2002)

The book comes with a CD-ROM which includes both this book and Python Bible as PDF files. This is the only book I've seen that describe how to use ZODB outside Zope. I found that useful. -- MagnusLyckå

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