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Job Description:

Position Title: Senior Software Developer Location: Los Angeles, CA Department: Technology Reports to: Team Lead

LRN is dedicated to inspiring principled performance in business.

LRN provides education and communication offerings; assessments, analytics and resources; and advisory services that help companies create cultures of sustainability, where corporate values guide how their people behave, relate and innovate in the workplace, communities and environment.

LRN delivers critical knowledge and frameworks for corporate governance, leadership and corporate culture that help companies ensure compliance, inspire ethical leadership and develop social and environmental responsibility.

LRN is the trusted partner to leading businesses worldwide, including Disney, Dow Chemical, eBay, Johnson & Johnson, Raytheon, and 3M. Founded in 1994, LRN operates in more than 120 countries, with headquarters in Los Angeles and offices in New York, London and Mumbai.

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Job Objective:

The Sr. Software Developer is an experienced designer/engineer who can bring the rigor and discipline of traditional software design to front end CSS and Javascript. Given a set of requirements the person in this position will be responsible for reviewing the requirements, designing, estimating, implementing, testing and deploying software that promotes reuse and system wide scalability.

Job duties:

Person must be able to thrive in a complex environment and take pride in and ownership of the work they produce.

The successful Sr. Software Developer will be someone who:

• Has experience leading his/her own projects • Has experience working with off-shore development teams • Has experience leading teams • is able to be highly connected with his/her teammates • is willing to mentor on areas of their expertise • is willing to seek out mentorship on areas of their weakness • is very pragmatic with solving customer challenges and issues, • is an all around team player

Job qualifications & Professional skills:

This person is a technical expert in creating rich front-end experiences in a browser. The right candidate will be proficient in CSS and Javascript and able to work with the design team by enabling and educating them to be able to architect solutions that follow cutting edge best practices. The right candidate will be able to abstract front-end behavior into widgets that can be used across LRN's entire suite of applications. This person will also have a solid understanding of presentation layer technologies and organization, and as well, logical design patterns are critical. Additionally, this candidate must be able to communicate his/her ideas and approaches to development colleagues with a more back-end orientation.


• Javascript • CSS • AJAX • HTML


• YUI web framework • Java, Perl or Python/Django • Templating experience (JSP, PHP, ASP, etc.)


• Strong object oriented design and functional programming skills in Javascript. • Demonstrated understanding of N-Tiered architectures for Internet-based applications.

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