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==== Friends of the Earth International www.foei.org (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) ====

'''Job Description:''' The Friends of the Earth International secretariat, based in amsterdam, is a small friendly office, providing services for environmental groups in 70 countries across the world.

We are looking for volunteers to help make new products for our plone site. Using python and developing with Archetypes, we are hoping to develop some cyberactivist tools. Knowledge of [http://www.plone.org Plone] is useful.

Please note that we prefer our volunteers to work from the Friends of the Earth International office in amsterdam. However it is possible to use subversion and irc to keep in touch if you are keen but live outside of the Netherlands.

To react - send your CV to the web campaigner. Please note that we do not have the resources to respond to job solicitations.

 * '''Contact:''' Sisi Nutt, Web Campaigner
 * '''E-mail contact:''' web@foei.org
 * '''Web:''' [http://www.foei.org] and [http://www.foei.org/about/vacancies.html]

=== E Screening Room. http://www.escreeningroom.org (San Rafael, CA, USA) ===
==== E Screening Room. http://www.escreeningroom.org (San Rafael, CA, USA) ====
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 * '''Web:''' http://escreeningroom.org.
====== We have no format relationship with getdemocracy or its parent participatoryculture. ======
 * '''Web:''' http://escreeningroom.org

Volunteer Opportunities in Python

The purpose of this page is to act as an adjunct to the [http://www.python.org/Jobs.html Python Jobs] page, which only allows the posting of paying jobs.

This page is dedicated to volunteer opportunities that are not necessarily any different from any other "real" job, except for the fact that the work is not done for pay. There's a separate page with information if you want to [http://www.python.org/psf/volunteer.html volunteer to help the PSF].

How To Submit a Volunteer Job

There is already a [http://www.python.org/Jobs-howto.html Python Jobs HowTo] page, and it would be best if you could follow those same instructions as closely as possible for this page. Doing so will allow people who are already familiar with this site to access the material quickly and easily, and should help increase your chances of getting a suitable volunteer sooner rather than later.

You may have to modify the [http://docutils.sourceforge.net/rst.html reStructuredText] format for suitable use in MoinMoin. If so, please adhere as close as you can to the guidelines.

Please review the [http://www.python.org/moin/HelpContents MoinMoin Help] page if you have any questions regarding how to edit this page, how to use wikis, etc....

Please put all available positions starting after the following title.

Currently Available Volunteer Positions

E Screening Room. http://www.escreeningroom.org (San Rafael, CA, USA)

Job Description: This is not for the faint of heart ! If you have time to hammer this out in the next three weeks let us know… We will be building an integration of “Broadcast Machine” with Paypal subscription services.*

We are looking for a volunteer web developer with a passion for documentary films and in support of the freedom of speech, with experience with perl, Python mysql. We are using agile (extreme) programming methods. We can’t pay you anything but you get to create the cool feature to support the freedom of speech.

The none-profit e screening room http://escreeningroom.org/ is dedicated to connect independent documentary film makers with their audience. We have on-line website dedicated to viewing unabridged independent documentary films at http://escreeningroom.org. We are starting a new website http://indiewebfest.org which will be an online filmfestival based running on open source “Broadcast Machine” from http://www.getdemocracy.com/broadcast/. The neat thing of the “Broadcast Machine” is that it is bittorrent based, and thus allows for unlimited band wide without significant funding. In effect this means that you don’t have to come up with thousands of $$ to distribute your idea or you film.

Independent documentary films are born out of the passion –often compassion - for the subject of the film. Often these documentaries are self financed. But there is little financial gain out of documentary film. As a result, documentary producers get discouraged and often leave the field. We think that’s a shame: to lose an independent voice, is a loss for a free society. At the e screening room we are changing that by connecting documentary filmmakers with their audience.

Project: The idea is to allow viewers to subscribe to a site through paypal. The viewer would pay a low monthly fee to get assess to a subset (subscription only) of the films on the site. The subscription fees are then redistributed to the filmmakers papal accounts based on viewer ship and will fund the site. This project will take place independent of getdemocracy.com but application will be released as open source. I expect that it will take about 40 hour over two months.

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