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It's a little tricky getting twisted to run as a service in twisted 1.3. A main service .exe must spawn a new python process, because twisted must initialize in the main thread, and services don't start in the main thread. Its easiest to write the service wrapper in python.

I also found its easiest to register the service, then change which account the service runs as.

You could probably choose the child python script to run as

python.exe -f web.tap

if you know how to set up the web.tap.

Service Wrapper

#based on

import sys, os
import win32serviceutil, win32service
import win32api
from  webserver import WebServer
from subprocess import Popen,call

class TwistedWebService(win32serviceutil.ServiceFramework):
    """NT Service."""
    _svc_name_ = "TwistedWebServer"
    _svc_display_name_ = "TwistedWebServer"
    def SvcDoRun(self):
        self.childServer = Popen(["python","d:/doug/dev/play/twisted/"])
    def SvcStop(self):

    def kill(self,pid):
        """kill function for Win32"""
        handle = win32api.OpenProcess(1, 0, pid)
        return (0 != win32api.TerminateProcess(handle, 0))

if __name__ == '__main__':

Web Server

from twisted.web import static, server, script,error
from twisted.application import internet, service

class WebServer:

    #This is hacked together and not necessarily a good example
    def WebServerConfig(self):
         """return a site object that can supplied to a reactor"""
         root = static.File("d:/doug/wwwroot")
         files = ["d:/doug/dev/play/twisted/mime.types"]

         skiRoot = error.NoResource()

         ski = root.putChild("ski",skiRoot)

         powderTour2k2 = static.File("D:/ransom/photos/2002-PowderTour/PowderTour2k2-selected")

         scrape =static.File("d:/doug/documents/scraping/general")
         root.processors = {'.rpy': script.ResourceScript}
         application = service.Application('web')
         serviceCollection = service.IServiceCollection(application)
         site = server.Site(root)
         return (site,application,serviceCollection)

    def Run(self):
        f = open(logpath, 'a')
        from twisted.python.log import startLogging
        from import startApplication
        from twisted.internet import reactor
        (site,application,serviceCollection) = self.WebServerConfig()
        startApplication(application, 0)
        #         i = internet.TCPServer(8089, site)
        #         i.setServiceParent(serviceCollection)
        reactor.listenTCP(8080, site)
    def Stop(self):

if __name__ == '__main__':

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