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This page collects suggestions for improving the python.org web site. Perhaps we'll manage to implement some of them at PyCon?



  • Suggested top links, in this order: "Home", "About", "Download", "Documentation", "Help", "Search". That's 7 links, not 8; any suggestions for one more? A random choice made once an hour from a given set? Advertising? Python tips?

  • The top page is too long. Ideas to shorten it? One suggestion might be to put the text of the Google quote next to the graphic. For example, [http://www.holdenweb.com/Python/python.org.htm] gets more directly to the point.

  • doc/Intros.html: why two "What is Python?" links? For the especially clueless? :-)

  • Too many introductions! doc/Intros.html, doc/Introduction.html, doc/Newbies.html, doc/Hints.html. Trim down this material and have one location for it.


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