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From PythonEditors:
 * Python.org's [http://python.org/editors editors page.] ''This wiki page replaces and obsoletes that page, it should redirect here.''

This page collects suggestions for improving the python.org web site. Perhaps we'll manage to implement some of them at PyCon?



  • Suggested top links, in this order: "Home", "About", "Download", "Documentation", "Help", "Search". That's 7 links, not 8; any suggestions for one more? A random choice made once an hour from a given set? Advertising? Python tips?

  • The top page is too long. Ideas to shorten it? One suggestion might be to put the text of the Google quote next to the graphic. For example, [http://www.holdenweb.com/Python/python.org.htm] gets more directly to the point.

  • doc/Intros.html: why two "What is Python?" links? For the especially clueless? :-)

  • Too many introductions! doc/Intros.html, doc/Introduction.html, doc/Newbies.html, doc/Hints.html. Trim down this material and have one location for it.

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