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Here are some example simple programs. Please feel free to contribute, but see notice at bottom, please.

These examples assume version 2.4 or above of Python. You should be able to run them simply by copying/pasting the code into a file and running Python. Or by inserting this line (#!/bin/env python) at the beginning of your file (Unix/Linux), making the file executable (chmod u+x and running it (./

1 line: Output

   1 print 'hello world'

2 lines: Input, assignment, comments

   1 name = raw_input('What is your name?\n') # \n is a newline
   2 print 'Hi', name

3 lines: For loop, builtin enumerate function

   1 my_list = ['john', 'pat', 'gary', 'michael']
   2 for i, name in enumerate(my_list):
   3     print "iteration %i is %s" % (i, name)

4 lines: Fibonacci, tuple assignment

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