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See my web site, [[http://simonraven.kisikew.org/|http://simonraven.kisikew.org/]]  See my web site, [[http://simonraven.kisikew.org/|http://simonraven.kisikew.org/]]

Programming Experience

I'm newbie programmer, and long-time Python user. I've tried programming before, but lacked a project that would hold my interest long enough, but I've found one now. Working on an IRC bot plugin, and I've spent the last 2 weeks learning everything I can :) . I used to do basic shell scripts to ease automation of my Linux-based machines, so the basic concepts aren't new to me.


I'm a Mi'kmaq and Abenaki (look them up on Wikipedia) by decent.


See my web site, http://simonraven.kisikew.org/


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