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 * [http://showmedo.com/videos/series?name=PythonDownloadInstallTest downloading and testing]  * [http://showmedo.com/videos/series?name=pythonOzsvaldPyNewbieSeries Downloading and running Python 2.5, coding and more]

[http://showmedo.com ShowMeDo] has videos showing you how to do things - most of our videos (as I write this) are [http://showmedo.com/videos/python for Python]:

We are seeking new tutorial and educational videos (they are [http://showmedo.com/videos/screencasting very easy to make]) - please get in touch and help us to share Python knowledge.

We are looking for feedback - can you tell us what we are missing? We have videos introducing Python tools and showing Python programming techniques. What do we need more of?

Should we have written material as well? Would beginners like good introductions to 'getting started with Python', and 'learning how to debug'? We are very interested in your feedback, just drop us a line at [mailto:enquiries@showmedo.com enquiries@showmedo.com].

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