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 * [[https://marsjobs.net/jobs?job_position_id=3&job_type_id=0&part_time=0&query=&remote=0&tech=4|Python Startup Jobs]] - Python and Django jobs at Startups (mostly in Europe) (reports bad SSL certificate)

Python Jobs

If you are looking for a jobs where your Python skills are needed, please have a look at the following sites.

Please add more job boards to this page, if you come across any interesting sites.

When adding new sites to this list, please make sure that the links go straight to the Python section of the boards.

For-profit job boards and recruiting agencies should not be listed on this page.

/!\ If you want to submit individual job postings, you can do so on the Python Job Board.

International Job Boards

Regional Job Boards



Corporate Job Boards

Note: this page is a meta job board rather than a job board itself, so limit any links below to search links for corporate sites that regularly advertise positions for Python developers. Don't post links to individual positions.

  • Red Hat - Red Hat uses Python heavily for upstream projects, commercially supported products, professional consulting services and internal tools development.

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