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A guide and a discussion page for PythonDocumentation.

==== Beginners ====
''Join the fun and start learning today!''
 * [http://www.python.org/doc/Newbies.html Python for Beginners]
 * MovingToPythonFromOtherLanguages

==== Topic guides ====
 * WebProgramming - more aptly put, Server-side programming, as of current
 * GuiProgramming - some (in fact, rather a few) available GUIs for Python
 * ThreadProgramming - so far, some source code and comments on aspects of this
 * DatabaseProgramming - Pointers to information on how to approach this
 * DistributedProgramming
 * SoYouWanna - Python solutions to software problems (currently a few, mostly high-level tasks)
 * PythonDevWisdom - Useful snippets for advanced Python programmers

 * HandlingExceptions, WritingExceptionClasses
 * SubclassingDictionaries, SortingListsOfDictionaries, KeepingListsInDictionaries
 * WorkingWithTime, RssLibraries, UsingPickle, MiniDom, EscapingHtml
 * CgiScripts, XmlRpc, DocXmlRpcServer, BaseHttpServer
 * PatternProgramming
 * MetaClasses
 * MixIns
 * PythonSpeed - some of the issues related to Python's speed are discussed here
 * ["Unicode"]

==== Other ====
 * [http://www.python.org/doc/ Documentation Central]
 * PythonBooks
 * PythonPapers
 * PythonQuestions
 * PythonPhilosophy
 * LanguageComparisons
 * [http://www.cafepy.com/articles/python_types_and_objects/ Python Types and Objects], [http://www.cafepy.com/articles/python_attributes_and_methods/ Python Attributes and Methods] - Two part series on new-style objects in v2.2 and up.
 * [http://www.tuangou.org/python/tut/index.html] - Python Tutorial Simplified Chinese Translation


Please!! get a wiki running side-by-side with the docs eg: 1 corresponding wikiable page for every page here in the pydocs. The startup data is simply that of the docs, so just mirror their structure. Then after the wiki docs start offering lots of useful information, the actual doc writers can incorporate this. To summarize, I think Python's documentation (like the library reference) is basically a big melange of api data and some snippets of useful info. This wiki will help replace those places that just use API data to fill up space, and turn it into something better.

Like the [http://www.php.net/manual/en/ PHP Manual] at [http://www.php.net/].

  I think that's a great idea. But I think it should appear on a separate wiki.
  We're going to need to do some steering for this wiki:
  If every python related project in the world tries to make their wiki a
  [http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WalledGarden walled garden] within ''this'' wiki,
  we're going to run into problems. RecentChanges will be a total mess of a zillion projects.
  Let's talk. -- LionKimbro [[DateTime(2003-10-02T03:15:01Z)]]

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