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 * [[http://www.squishdot.org/|Squishdot]]  * [[http://www.zope.org/Members/chrisw/Squishdot|Squishdot]]

This is a list of web log ("blog") software written in Python, organised by category. Please feel free to add to the list or add details.

To start a feature comparison, use the following keys within braces:

a = authentication / authorization
b = integrated admin backend for editors (CMS)
c = comments
h = caching
k = pingback / traceback
m = markup support
n = notifications
p = plugin architecture
u = multi-user blog system (Twitter-like)
r = RSS feed
s = data export / import (schema migration)
t = topics / categories


web2py Based

  • Instant Press

    • Instant Press is an open source CMS developed in the web2py framework. Instant Press is simple, easy to use and attractive.
  • Blogitizor

    • A blog system developed with web2py. Offers posts, pages,caching, comments, file uploads, import your wordpress data.
  • PyPress

    • Wordpress Clone made with web2py framework (can run on Google App Engine)
  • TechFuel blog

web.py Based

Zope Based

Django Based

TurboGears Based

Pocoo Libs Based

  • Zine (formerly Textpress)

    • An open source personal publishing platform that inherits many ideas of WordPress

    • Written in Python and developed with a focus on security and usability
    • Built on top of Werkzeug, Jinja2 and SQLAlchemy, with plugins

  • HgBlog

    • is a "set of modifications to the Sphinx project to make it slightly more suitable as a blogging engine". See also its page on PyPI.

Snakelets Based

  • Frog running on Snakelets,

    • As of 20100607, there is only a Wikipage discussing a Frog reimplementation

    • {ckmnrt}
    • calendar
    • image embedding or linking
    • multi-user
    • active article overview
    • permalinks
    • Unicode compatible
    • data as XML files on filesystem
    • CSS-based valid layout


  • Bloog

    • Runs on Google App Engine
    • Exposes a REST API
  • Bloggart

    • Runs on Google App Engine
  • Snurf // Homepage is down or has been moved

    • uses file-system or Subversion repository for data
    • generates static HTML, RSS and Atom files
  • Firedrop

  • Kaa

  • Vellum

    • {chkmnpt}
    • support for formatted Python code in posts
  • PyBlosxom

    • {ckmprt}
    • really simple cgi blog with flat file blog posts.
    • lots of plugins.
  • NewsBruiser

  • Aether

  • Pixie

  • bzero

  • Pylogger

  • Byline Server

  • Leonardo

    • provides a "personal" wiki and weblog (including Atom feed)
  • Syncato

    • uses webware as an XML fragment management system

  • PubTal

  • Kukkaisvoima Simple one cgi file approach.

    • Multiple categories for one entry
    • No external dependencies outside Pythons standard library (no need for database engine etc.)
    • Comments
    • Nice archive pages for old entries
    • Search
    • RSS feed for all entries and for every category
  • Blogthon

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