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Download statistics for package registered on Pypi can be obtained, in RSS format, by subscribing your favorite RSS reader (e.g. GoogleReader) with the following:$package_name



Q: I tried but got an error. Does something need to be set up for each package?

A: There is no downloads available for this package, hence no statistics on downloads.

Q: You mean no downloads since you implemented this feature, or no downloads at all?

A: Sorry for the confusion: the XMLRPC interface to Pypi returns that an error code to the effect that no 'package_data' is available. If I look at the page on Pypi [], I don't see one either i.e. a download URL is made available BUT there are no "uploaded files" to Pypi.

Q. Interesting. People tell me they use lockfile, and it actually has a score listed when you search PyPI for "lockfile". Collecting download stats must be a relatively recent phenomenon.

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