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Clear message

You can have HTML documentation for your projects hosted for free by PyPI. It will be displayed at a URI like this:

Note: this used to be

and those URLs will be redirected to the new hostname.

What PyPI accepts

The documentation must comply with this rules:

How to upload

If your project uses setuptools, you can send your documentation to PyPI directly from your terminal:

By default, the directory "build/docs" will be zipped up and sent. Pass --upload-dir on the command line or in the setup.cfg file to adapt it.

Distutils2 also provides this command:

The upload-dir option has the same default value.

How to manually upload

If you can’t or don’t want to use a command, you can zip the directory, log into PyPI using a Web browser, select the project from the “Your Packages list” and use the form at the bottom of the edit page to upload the zip file.

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