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package_releases(package_name): package_releases(package_name, show_hidden=False):
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     '0.2'], in chronological order.      '0.2'], in chronological order. If show_hidden is True then both
     hidden and unhidden will be listed.

PyPI's XML-RPC methods

XmlRpc methods:

package_releases(package_name, show_hidden=False):

  • Returns list of release versions, as strings, e.g., ['0.1', '0.2b', '0.2'], in chronological order. If show_hidden is True then both hidden and unhidden will be listed.


  • Returns packages.stable_version; the current stable version of the package. E.g., the string '0.3'

package_urls(package_name, version):

package_data(package_name, version):

  • automates the packaging, release and announcement of Open Source software. The pack class creates packages, which are defined by packer classes, manages versioning, and brings up your notes and changelog in

    an editor. The release class uploads the package to SourceForge, releases it through QRS, announces it on freshmeat and (if appropriate) on pypi.",

    • 'license': 'GNU General Public License', 'platform': 'any', 'classifiers': [
      'Development Status
      4 - Beta',
      'Intended Audience
      OSI Approved :: GNU General Public License (GPL)',
      'Natural Language
      'Operating System
      OS Independent',
      'Programming Language
      Software Development'],

      'summary': , 'description_html': , 'keywords': , }

} } }

  • All keys are required. Missing values are given as 'UNKNOWN'.

search(field_specifiers, [operator='and']):

  • field_specifiers is a dictionary of {fieldname: searchvalue}. Returns a list like [(name, version)] of matching non-hidden records. The search values are case-insensitive and match any substring. The second argument indicates if all the field specifiers are ANDed or ORed together. The value defaults to 'and' and is case-insensitive.


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