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Hello! I'm Leonard. This is my first conference talk. I'll keep this page updated with information as I scramble to get the talk and the corresponding software written in time. :)

If you're interested in me personally, you can visit <a href="">my homepage</a>.

The purpose of my talk is to get more of the world's configuration data out of configuration files and into web interfaces. Web interfaces are easier to use, can enforce semantics, and don't require shell access to the hosting machine. The framework I'll describe is also useful for doing a user preferences engine.

The framework I'm using in my talk is based on the one I wrote for [ NewsBruiser];. [ Here it is in CVS.]

My talk is currently <a href="">scheduled</a> for 11:30-12:00 on Thursday, March 27, in the Elliot room, wherever that is. I assume there will be signs.


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